Product Update, November 2018

New Features

  • Your Activity Summary notifications now contain pre-authorisation expiring dates to help you keep better track of payment authorisations that are going to expire.
  • When editing a single order, Troly will now show you the parcel sizes that have been chosen in the ‘Carton Sizes’ field. The ‘Carton Sizes’ field changes as you change the shipping configuration for a specific order. You can still view the total number of parcels by reviewing the ‘Tracking Numbers’ field as usual.
  • Shipment label numbers are now added to the label CSV files.


  • Your End of Period report now breaks down sales per POS, Guest – POS, Staff-created, and Guest – Staff-created orders in the Revenue by Source section.
  • You may now enter more than 255 characters in the Delivery Notes and Instructions field. However, be aware that if the field contains more than 255 characters, Troly will truncate these instructions to fit on future shipping labels as the information contained in this field is published on your shipment labels. Troly notifies you if this is the case.
  • If you have entered a membership description in Troly, this is now also published under your members profile pages.
  • On the POS add-on, decide if you want to download a customer list at sign-in or not. Loading customers when logging in will slow down the time it takes to login but will speed up searching for customers within the app.
  • Filter your customer’s activity feed per ‘Authorisations’ to see all information in regards to pre-authorized payments.


  • An issue where the membership sign up date appeared in the activity feed twice as been fixed.
  • Resolved ‘invalid variable’ messages appearing in certain templates.
  • Fixed up the naming of Troly’s shipping providers in drop down menus for clarity.
  • The Bulk Actions email template has been modified to only allow placeholders that are in the dropdown
  • Fixed an issue with items overlapping in the tasting experience