Product Update, March 2018

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy wine, and some would say ‘well.. that’s kind of the same thing, right?’ So let’s sell more delicious wine (and delicious beer!), and let’s make Troly better to help you with that.

New Features

  • New Stocktake page and stock control features
  • Tasting Experience sorting categories now available (simply add a sorting category to your products)


  • Sorting functions added to customers dashboards in Troly
  • Added required driver signature and date for Fastway shipping manifests
  • The Membership page is now¬†sorted by visibility, from Public to Restricted to Private to Disabled


  • Blank payment notes preventing to process payments have been cleaned up.
  • The FedEx Add-on has been improved to allow website costings
  • Nil metro shipping rates have been fixed