We’ve improved Troly for you this week, bringing many improvements to the platform.

New Features

  • Send SMS to a warehouse, sales, or admin staff when orders have been packed in Troly
    1. Review the template to make sure it works for your company
    2. Turn on SMS messages in the Activity Summary add-on
  • For non-admin users, you can enable them as a “warehouse” staff member to let them get notices about orders needing packing without giving them access to Troly. Send a message to the team to enable this for specific staff members


  • Added “First delivery date” to the New Member email template
  • Ability to filter by packed and labeled pick-up orders: Once an order has been packed or labeled, we will show this in the Pick-ups list.
  • Rich-formatting for product description or tasting note fields has been turned off to avoid issues with labels not generating correctly or your website showing incorrect formatting.
  • Product tags can now be enabled to show on the Tasting Experience
  • “New Order” and “New Shipment” Activity Feed items will now show who created the order/shipment
  • Renamed casecontent to ordercontent in email templates to clarify what Troly will put in said emails
  • When adding a new customer, if the email exists already, we will show an alert to let you know


  • The Birthday SMS field not allowing some personalization fields. Adding all fields from the drop-down will now work as expected