Your brand needs a life online

A website is instrumental in promoting your brand and improving direct-to-consumer sales.


Without a website, your brand doesn’t exist

“Online web searches have replaced word-of-mouth referrals that were once the bread and butter of small business.”

Elizabeth Pritchett, Forbes Business Development Council

What you get out-of-the-box

Online e-Commerce

Today’s customers want to be able to buy anything and everything online. Troly makes it easy for them!

Banking and Shipping

Capture payments instantly, extend all shipping capability from Troly and report all sales in one place.

Troly members configuration

Members access restricted pages and products, complete order history and profile details.

Features wineries love

Complete e-Commerce

Get started making sales online. All Troly settings are directly extended to your site, including products and pricing, payments and all shipping configurations.

Blogging and comments

Easily publish content directly to your website and share your stories on social media to increase search engines ranking and social engagement.

Troly sales management

Fully integrated with the Troly end-to-end direct sales management platform, designed with wineries in mind. Troly allows for sales, customers, products, and clubs to be synchronized seamlessly.

Complete social integrations

Bring new people to your site with the power of social media and then convert them into customers. (* new websites).


Unlimited content

Present your business using your very own page structure, with members-only pages and products, own brand imagery, and fully customizable navigation.

Publishing tools

Edit all site content, create new blog posts, manage images and review changes prior to publishing, all without writing a single line of code.

Modern responsive design

Choose from a library or fashion-forward, mobile-friendly templates, with image carousels, social media buttons, contact forms, maps, and more. (*new websites).

Managed updates and backups

We take care of ongoing backups and updates to ensure your site is secured and your customers protected. (*new websites & hosting only).

“In today’s technology-based world, the first thing a potential customer does is Google your business. You need a website to show you’re real.”

Jack Marshall, The Wall Street Journal

Join us today

We take pride in our work and our website services are only available to wineries using Troly.

Lucky you, it’s never too late to look at direct wine sales with Troly!

Join us today

We take pride in our work and our website services are only available to wineries using Troly.

Lucky you, it’s never too late to look at direct wine sales with Troly!

Three easy options to choose from

Some things may attract an additional fee

These three packages to be cost-efficient for your wallet, and easy to roll out as a project. In some cases, you may require additional help and services, such as:

Web Requirements Analysis

Consulting work required in order to understand the business goals you have for your website, what it should present and how.

Branding, Content, and Copywriting / Storytelling

Initial and ongoing copywriting, content (images, videos, etc) and publication work.

Website Customizations

All additional functionality (not included in the list above) including website design outside of the available library of templates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) strategy

One-off ($350) or ongoing ($200) optimization of your content and search engine strategy.

Additional Development

Available for configurations and customizations at $150/hour. Troly customers receive a special rate of $120/hour.

Email Hosting

We strongly encourage hosting your emails separately to your website. Many cloud services exist such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite. We also have an exclusive agreement with Amazon ($5 per mailbox per month). We can help migrate your emails also ($50 per mailbox).

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