This May, on top of helping sell and ship a tremendous amount of product we have also be actively working on a few features that you have requested.

New Features

  • Added delivery signature override on customers and orders (Thank you, Gerald!  ) you can now set the delivery signature requirement for all your orders (company-wide) and customise this per customer and/or order.
  • Implemented Ongoing Credit Card Validation (Thank you, Amelie :-)) enjoy a lower credit card decline rate by seamlessly validating each card every month!
  • Added International Shipping Prices as well as discounted member’s shipping prices (Thank you, Andrew)
  • Added ability to archive orders that have been paid but not fulfilled (So sweet, Thanks Maree & Lucy)


  • Improved Content-Security-Policy to further prevent against script injections attack
  • Added 3 new Australia Post shipping accounts to ship in Australia
  • Increase tracking code ability to handle up to 15 parcels per order
  • Added club membership onto customer export


  • Fixed number format error on end End of Period report
  • Updated minor styling tweaks for date range selector on Transactions and End of Period report