Introducing “The Grapevine”.

Introducing “The Grapevine” – Here’s what it will do for you, and what you can do for each other.


As you already know, we are obsessed with making your lives easier. We understand your time is best spent continuing to create the best produce you can. It isn’t best spent on menial tasks, that’s where Troly the software comes in. Here’s how The Grapevine will help.


The Grapevine will do the same for knowledge and news. Every month we sift through the endless amounts of information online to bring you a focused, valuable monthly batch of information, ready for you to harvest.

            When you find something helpful or amazing, share it with us! This doesn’t have to be online, it may be something you’ve implemented in your business, or some new equipment you’ve found. We will look at it and then share it as needed. We are part of a beautiful industry. One that can only reach its true potential if we work together.


If it is online;

         Tag us on Facebook. (and like our page –

         Tag us on Twitter. (and follow us – @troly)

         Email us a link – [email protected]


Every month we will include industry news (both domestic and international), marketing tips, cellar door tips (which we’ll get from you!), tech news and more.

Most importantly, we will share your story, we are a platform to help you succeed. Use us to show off, use us to ask for help, use us to network, use us to improve.

Our vision includes a community, you aren’t customers, you are partners. Our success is dependent on your success. We are invested in YOU, in YOUR BUSINESS. There are no $15,000+ set up fees because we want to go on this journey with you. HOWEVER, this is a relationship, not a sale for us. This is a two-way street. Your investment in time and sharing, learning, trying, testing and celebrating.



We need your help, your fellow members need your help, “a problem shared is a problem halved”, well we have over 400 active users…. Problems shared will be problems solved.


Stay tuned, READ THIS MONTHLY, we will be introducing new initiatives and opportunity for you via this newsletter. We will be introducing platform updates. We will be introducing the Troly team! We are human, we do love enjoying the fruit of your labour! We will be introducing you to other members via spotlight sections and profiles!

We grow together, we fail together. Share your problems, share your ideas, share your successes and we will move forward together.


We have a huge vision of how we will help you. This is just stage one.


Time to unveil Troly (rebranding)

A few years back, we embarked on the seemingly impossible journey to change the world of wines and brews. Many discussions and endless research highlighted a broken industry, with a large majority of producers struggling to break even. (omg, right!)

Since day one, the team and myself have always been convinced that you are a cause worth fighting for. Subscribility was born, years ago, to actually help those we all know are ignored by the industry.

Because Subscribility required you to down a glass of wine to pronounce it, and good wine should never be downed mindlessly ? we came to the conclusion that it would be responsible of us to use an easier mnemonic.

We like it too! ?

Thank you Subscribility, long lives Troly ?

Today we share with you the rebrand of Subscribility and relaunch as Troly. Much, much simpler! ?? Also inline with our next goal which is to clarify our role with you, improve our communications, and delight even further.

We have begun the transition over from to and nothing is required from you. Instead of a “bing bang” we have opted for a gradual shift, to be completed over the coming weeks.

Together, we are changing lives

We are now connecting hundreds of wineries in Australia and around the world. Our group together allows each of you to save time and money, and focus what matters most; your wine, your brand, your family and your story.

Together we have assembled the tools required to automate your club management and cellar door operations. We deal with industry suppliers and increasingly we have the strength to serve everyone better and reduce your costs.

You have once imagined a world where club runs only take minutes, with banking and shipping being fully automated. We built just that. ?

For this, and for the years so far, we extend a very warm Thank You!

Expect our increased presence

While change and results will take time and effort and we are committed to building a community around our common passions and challenges. We share one focus: to ensure the rewards go to those who deserve it most. (hint: that’s YOU! )

The office is overflowing with fantastic ideas to help The Troly Movement (more to come on that!) and by all means, make sure you keep asking for anything and everything. ❤

Same mission, improved communications ?

Our mission is to enable and educate ?. The tools built so far (through countless interactions with so many of you) and industry knowledge gained must all be shared.

Over the coming few weeks our focus turns to increasing and improving our communications to you, irrespective of whether you are working with us on a daily basis, or simply interested in automating your club runs every few months.

Clarifying pricing and premium support

Amongst our immediate priorities;

  • ongoing industry education (long live direct-sales!)
  • regular and recurrent workshops
  • simpler (and limited) on-boarding process
  • improved premium support and website assistance

We have also decided to limit the number of new wineries joining us, and focus on supporting current members and product improvements. For this premium support will soon be revamped with a hotline will be brought to life along with after hours live chat also. Keep an eye out for the announcement this May.

Time to revamp your website?

More than ever, brand value is first perceived online. We have seen too many horror stories of poor quality, outdated websites with broken links and old design. With the only consequence being lost sales and lowered customer engagement, it’s time to help with your “web struggles”.

Offered exclusively to the men and women using Troly, we will gladly help with connecting to your website, hosting or even build an entirely new site integrated with your club and backend sales fulfilment. Find out the details here.