Troly cares about

Working with Troly means you are part of our group. This group consists of wineries who actually care about their industry and who, together, want to contribute to building lasting change.

Our team is here to help you

Free DTC assessment

Trying Direct-to-Consumer sales but don’t know where you could improve? We can help with that.

Free setup Q&A

If you’re wondering what it might take to get setup with Troly we can walk you through that.

Free ongoing support

All Troly members have access to ongoing support from our team of specialists.

Access instant savings and high-margin sales

Never before have small wineries successfully joined together the way they have with Troly.

Finally everyone in the group has a real chance to succeed individually.

  • Join us to receive immediate discounts

    As a Troly member you’ll receive access to discounted shipping rates because of our unique relationship with providers. You’ll also have the opportunity to integrate marketing, accounting and ecommerce platforms.

  • Each new business who joins means we can build more

    All of the wineries we work with contribute to the Troly platform in some way, by helping to change the industry, and suggesting business-changing features.

  • A strong group means success for the individual

    Being a part of a group that is focussed on success for all involved will help your business reach individual goals.

Using Troly is contributing to Troly

When using Troly you get a special access to the Troly Ideas Portal to submit requests for the features you want most. Review the collaborative wish list and add your own ideas.

Contribute your thoughts on development priorities and exchange tips and tricks with other Troly users. Contribute to how Troly evolves in the future.

Together as a group, you are stronger.


we have received
feature requests,

have updated
lines of code

and shipped
new versions

In exchange for your thoughts,
we build features that matter to YOU!

Get started today

All we ask is for 5 minutes of your time to let us know of your current challenges and future goals, and we’ll get you started in no time.

Real benefits start right now!