In water one sees one’s own face; But in wine one beholds the heart of another… Oulala, that’s some French proverb.. Do you think it’s true? Anyway, this is what the awesome Troly Product Team worked on this May so far, hoping to let more people see the heart of another!

New Features

  • Fastway (Troly Group Shipping Account) Add-on: the option to send SMS to the driver who will pickup parcels is now optional. Don’t enter anything in the ‘SMS number’ field if you don’t want any SMS to be sent.
  • Membership settings: new ‘Disable’ option in the ‘Weeks to include order as a membership order within’ drop down menu. This will allow you to decide whether you want any orders placed outside of a Club Run to count towards your members current commitment.
  • WordPress Add-on: redirect your members to your website instead of your Tasting Experience by enabling the ‘Use WordPress for Club Runs and Special Offers’ option.
  • You are now able to skip membership orders on your Customer’s Membership page. The next available slot will therefore be the one included in the next Club Run.
  • SMS add-on: you can now enable SMS messages for bounced emails. An SMS will be sent to members if an email sent via Troly has bounced.


  • Use the *|case_price|* placeholder to add the price of the case purchased in your email templates.
  • Troly payment online gateways: you may now add or remove spaces to your Company name (name that appears on your customers bank statements).
  • Cancelling pre-authorised membership orders: when cancelling a membership order that has been already pre-authorised, the pre-authorisation is now void.
  • When a customer disputes a charge (as soon as the bank records a chargeback), an entry is now recorded in the customer’s activity feed.
  • A new record appears in the member’s activity feed section, it will display where the member signed up from.


  • Fixed missing ‘Create’ button for membership order.
  • The handling of cookies and certain cases of user have been improved. The guest login has been improved on the Tasting Experience, POS and Wine Show.
  • Improved signing in to reset passwords.