This February, we’ve worked on a few features that you recently requested! We’ve focused on improving the membership order screens, fixed bugs that you may have reported to us, and added some new features to the webapp and the POS regarding products! We hope you enjoy ?

New Features

• Non-physical products can now be enabled on the POS
WordPress users: your customers will now be landing on your website when editing their orders (not on the Tasting Experience page
• Club names are now visible in the main “Scheduled club deliveries” dashboard


• Emails sent in bulk will now show up in Customers Activity Feed
• The member order creation screen and the bulk order screen have been simplified
• On a customer’s membership page, headings for pending slots at now visible at the bottom of the screen
Archived product pages will now show the corresponding fallback product
• Before archiving a product, you will now see a message reminding you to set a fallback product


• Fixed cheapest shipping option not updating
• Fixed customer age method to support leap years