Wondering how we got here?

We were inspired to create Troly for the good of all smaller wineries and winegrowers, and this is our story.

Over the last decades…

There has been a recorded increase in the difficulty for small producers of boutique wines and craft beers to distribute their product. One-size-fits-all winery software or wine club software just wasn’t doing what wineries needed at an affordable price.

Small wineries are changing their industry and created


Many years ago
there were
wineries & breweries


After 6 months,
many drinks


a few disagreements

They all reached the same
unavoidable conclusion

Wholesalers don’t want 76% of producers, so wineries have to elect more Direct-to-Consumer options in order to survive.Rob MacMillan, SVB Wine Division

Smaller producers must

Join forces

to access more suppliers and industry services

Use technologies

such as data mining to build better customer relationships

Increase margins

with more direct-to-consumer initiatives and sales

Over 6 months, Troly has..

Rented & driven 53 cars over 225 hours

Travelled 10,000km through 4 states

Spent over 2000hrs face-to-face to design Troly

killed 2 laptops R.I.P.

Written 179K lines of code, 7,556 revisions

Recorded 1,200 features to develop

Invested over 15,800 man-hours

Collaborated with 120 individual contributers

Taken 6 months to build what wineries actually need

all this before we launched 🎉

Today, we welcome you to the only integrated wine sales platform designed by wineries, for wineries.

Together we have created

Wine-tailored CRM

to remember each customer

Stock management

To track who gets what

Automated club sales

to end all tedious tasks

Sales reports & accounting

to understand how to grow

and brought together
wineries & breweries


Troly ― what a journey!