Unlimited capabilities, priced to see Italian wineries succeed

Aligned with your success

Point-of-Sale app and eCommerce-ready website, all at one low price,
with optional setup fee and two optional value-add packages

Access every and all features, with unlimited data and users

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all features included
unlimited use and data
for ONLY

1% of sales

min. mthly spend €249*


Web Hosting & Support

DTC Sales Coordination

+ € 39
+ € 249
Customer CRM

with individual preferences and reminders

Manage Clubs and Membership

through various tiers and levels

Warehousing and Stock Control

with built-in fulfilment automation

Powerful Sales Management

including end-to-end automated communications

One-Click Order Processing

to run a single or 1000 sales seamlessly

Carrier-Compliant Shipping Labels

with no manual data handling required

Direct Integrations to suppliers

such as Mailchimp and many others

Multi-staff Point-of-Sale (POS)

with events, club discounts and full customer history

Reports & Accounting

to track your best sales channels, staff, and products

WordPress eCommerce Plugin

with complete branding and club functionality

Support via Online Chat & Emails

unlimited and included at no extra cost

Advanced Add-ons Support

available to connect more advanced business systems#

€ 99
€ 99
€ 99
Earn up to €1,000 in Referral Credits each year

for your help spreading the good word, we reduce your fees

Website Hosting with Integrated Support

for increased peace of mind

Dedicated DTC Sales Coordinator

helping you track and increase your sales

# includes payments processing and shipping with “your own account” and accounting add-ons.
* based on a 12-months commitment, else $299 on a month-to-month basis

Web Hosting & Support Package

Allow our team to organize your website hosting and gain a single point of support for all your sales channels: your website, tasting room (POS) and club alike.


  • Domain name and SSL included
  • Daily backup and core updates
  • Built-in unified Troly support

€ 39 per month

DTC Sales Coordination Package

Together with your team, let us coordinate your sales, marketing campaigns and technology needs in order to reach your goals, analyse performance and improve your sales.


  • better execute sales opportunities
  • align your team and business goals
  • improve your overall brand presence

€ 249 per month

Managed Configuration Package

Get our team to discuss with you every capability required by your business, and execute your configuration under your ongoing supervision.


  • get the best result in the shortest time
  • instantly leverage the most capabilities
  • continue focussing on your business

€ 249 per month

Without you there is no us

We are not another one-size-fits-all software platform for wine clubs and wine e-commerce. We are a collective of wineries and breweries looking to improve their industry and their position. Our industry-leading pricing is based on our members contributing their thoughts and feedbacks for the software platform to continuously evolve.

Affordable pricing to work together

With Troly, you are joining a group working together towards continuously building better solutions.

Along with others using Troly, your opinion matters. Your voice gets heard. Along with hundreds of wineries and breweries working with us, your ideas and suggestions are recorded, discussed, and planned for development on a regular basis. 

Industry-tailored flexible club management

By listening to what truly makes a difference to your operations, we are able to make your business smoother, your life easier, we free more of your time while providing the same pre and post-sale experience to your customers.

More time for you means better marketing, better wines, a better business or quite simply, more regular #wineoclock.

Best in category carrier integrations

We help your team save time. We connect each system in your business in a meaningful way, bringing all the information you need in a single place. Gone are the days where you needed Excel manipulations, mail merge or sending birthday text messages by hand. 

We improve as a group. With Troly, you get best-of-breed Merchant facilities, Shipping services, as well as other industry services.

The only true cloud solution

Troly generates advanced sales metrics, customer profiles and we make our data-mining effort and sales integration available at your fingertips.

With Troly you get a team dedicated to you success, with product engineers continuously working to elevate your tools, your sales and your business.

Your multi-channel sales technology partner

Working with you, we facilitate transactions through every channel. We automate the ongoing tedious work allowing you to focus more time and attention on your business.