Release Update: August 2019

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da | Agosto 2019 | What's New

Agosto 2019 | What's New

We’ve released a few updates this month for you, to improve your Troly experience.


  • Customer Import and Export now supports the following fields:
    • Date of Birth (DOB)
    • Membership hold date
    • Preferences
    • Custom tags
    • “Subscribed to Newsletter” status
  • Activity Summary email can now send “Daily Takings”
    • This table comes from the End of Period report
  • Shipping errors are now returned and shown from the carrier.
    • These will appear as a “Shipping error” on the Order edit page
  • Stripe will now use the latest version of the API


Membership numbers have now been fixed to correctly increment. If you had duplicate membership numbers, we’ve already fixed this data for you.

As a refresh, here are just some of the supported membership numbers Troly now allows:

Old ValueNew Value

If you use your membership number field to link to an external system, Troly will increment the right-most set of numbers (must be at least 2 digits present).

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