Product Update, October 2018

New Features

  • You can now set a customer as an “account customer” directly in Troly. Simply fill out the ‘company’ field under ‘Addresses and Payment’ and check the ‘Is an account customer’ option.
  • You can now test your Club run emails when processing a Club run in Troly! Simply click on the ‘Test Email’ button in the ‘Notifications’ section of your bulk orders creation screen to receive a test email before sending anything to your members.
  • You can now import your customers delivery notes and instructions in bulk using the bulk customer import function. Use the ‘c.delivery_instructions’ column in your customer file.


  • The email template descriptions have been clarified in Settings > Communications > Shipments for a better use and understanding.
  • When setting a Club visibility to ‘Disabled’, Troly now reminds you about any related memberships currently using this Club: members currently assigned to the disabled membership will still be subscribed to this membership but they won’t be included in any further Club run, unless they are assigned to a different Club.
  • When you cancel a membership, Troly will now cancel all related pending membership orders to ensure that no pending orders are being charged or dispatched after the membership cancellation date (so far, pending orders where kept in the customer’s account).

Bug Fixes

  • The team fixed an issue in regards to membership order discounts.
  • A bug in regards to saving the Tasting Experience CSS has been fixed.
  • Our team has released an update that will prevent any Australia Post notifications to be sent twice to customers (this happened in rare occasions).