Introducing “The Grapevine” – Here’s what it will do for you, and what you can do for each other.


As you already know, we are obsessed with making your lives easier. We understand your time is best spent continuing to create the best produce you can. It isn’t best spent on menial tasks, that’s where Troly the software comes in. Here’s how The Grapevine will help.


The Grapevine will do the same for knowledge and news. Every month we sift through the endless amounts of information online to bring you a focused, valuable monthly batch of information, ready for you to harvest.

            When you find something helpful or amazing, share it with us! This doesn’t have to be online, it may be something you’ve implemented in your business, or some new equipment you’ve found. We will look at it and then share it as needed. We are part of a beautiful industry. One that can only reach its true potential if we work together.


If it is online;

         Tag us on Facebook. (and like our page –

         Tag us on Twitter. (and follow us – @troly)

         Email us a link – [email protected]


Every month we will include industry news (both domestic and international), marketing tips, cellar door tips (which we’ll get from you!), tech news and more.

Most importantly, we will share your story, we are a platform to help you succeed. Use us to show off, use us to ask for help, use us to network, use us to improve.

Our vision includes a community, you aren’t customers, you are partners. Our success is dependent on your success. We are invested in YOU, in YOUR BUSINESS. There are no $15,000+ set up fees because we want to go on this journey with you. HOWEVER, this is a relationship, not a sale for us. This is a two-way street. Your investment in time and sharing, learning, trying, testing and celebrating.



We need your help, your fellow members need your help, “a problem shared is a problem halved”, well we have over 400 active users…. Problems shared will be problems solved.


Stay tuned, READ THIS MONTHLY, we will be introducing new initiatives and opportunity for you via this newsletter. We will be introducing platform updates. We will be introducing the Troly team! We are human, we do love enjoying the fruit of your labour! We will be introducing you to other members via spotlight sections and profiles!

We grow together, we fail together. Share your problems, share your ideas, share your successes and we will move forward together.


We have a huge vision of how we will help you. This is just stage one.