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Troly is a Multi-Channel Commerce Platform

Updated on May 18, 2019

If it’s not visible, it’s impossible!

If your customers don’t see your products, they cannot possibly buy them.

That’s why Troly ensures visibility is a core pillar of our platform.

Troly ensure it’s easy and seamless for your customers to see products, and place orders.

All order typically flow from 3 main channels:

  • Online through a website or newsletter
  • In person, either at the cellar door or at events
  • Through clubs and memberships

Empowering Every Channel

We strongly believe that not one channel is more powerful than the others. Rather, each channel benefits from the others to engage customers and repeat purchases.

Having a newsletter without readers is obviously not going to have much impact. In the same way, hosting events at the cellar door without inviting anybody might feel a bit lonely.

Troly unifies all channels under one roof, so you can make the most of all of them, together.

At the Cellar Door and Events

It’s no secret: customers who talk to you in person are much more likely to engage with your story. On top of that, anybody that buys your products at your shop probably tried it just minutes before. That means they know they love what they are buying.

If they love it today, they are really likely to love it 6 months from now. But how do you reach out to them if you never recorded their details?

This is the reasoning behind our POS app and the Wine Show. Both allow your customers to register to your clubs and mailing list. If they buy wines, their order is immediately recorded against their profile. Later on, you can use that information to send them a personalised offer, based on their preferences.

Turning First-Time Visitors into Lifelong Customers with Our Memberships

You know club membership must be special. It must hold special significance, and mean
so much more than just ‘some customers with a special discount.’

We understand when a customer joins your clubs they are signalling their faith in you and your products. Committing themselves to buying your products regularly, and their readiness to hear about special offers, packages, and other assortments.

Simply put, they show they are willing to build an ongoing relationship with you as their supplier. We’re here to help you do the same with them.

That’s Troly empowers you to run your club the way you intend, ensuring your members are the centerpiece of your operations. We’ve created a club membership service that ensures your a seller’s transactions will be up to 10x faster when using Troly.  It also records every online purchase made by your customer to give you the data you need to succeed in creating future campaigns and promotions.

Our service is speedy, strong and versatile. By using Troly you’ll know:

  • Creating and fulfilling club orders is a breeze
  • Signing up new members through multiple channels is made easy
  • Devising customer processes for your sales is made simple

Always Accessible and Online

To retain your customer you must engage your customer!

Achieving a single sale is always possible, but winning repeat sales? That’s exceptional.

The challenge here is when visitors return to their everyday lives. If they don’t hear from you, they’ll most certainly forget about you. That means you need maintain a line of communication with them.

That is where your Newsletter comes in. It is the core of your ongoing conversation with your customers. Ensuring they remember your products, remember your business - and recognise it’s time to buy again!

A newsletter is also the direct link between your customer and the checkout. From a click in the email to a transaction at the Point of Sale, a good newsletter enables you to cut through and connect direct with your customer. Whether it’s to arrange a Tasting Experience, place an order, or even sign up colleagues for a club membership too.

This is why Troly is terrific - and why we want you to join us in revolutionising our industry.

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