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Troly connects your Website, Clubs and Allocations

Updated on May 18, 2019

Selling your products online promises to bring your business so many benefits

Let’s look at a few of the very best now:

  • Sell directly to your customers, which translates into higher margins.
  • People purchasing on a website are not “strangers who found your wine at the bottle shop“. They're connected with directly with your brand and your business
  • They agree to share personal details with you helping you gather customer data to build a foster repeat purchases and long-term customer retention
  • Online sales are trackable: you can tell which promotions work, and which don’t. This means you save time and money on marketing, now and into the future

All Your Sales Channels All Under One Roof

With Troly you can sell products via multiple channels but manage them all in one place!

You can also collect information from all these channels to acquire a diverse and sophisticated understanding of your business

Sales and Signups via Your Website

You know when someone hears of your wines for the first time, their next step will be to find you online. Whether they arrive via search engine, social media, or a provided website link, they will always make the journey to your website.

Like seeing the end of any special journey, the destination must not be forgettable or dull.
To entice your customer and keep them your website must:
1. Impact
2. Engage
3. Be Unforgettable

With Troly creating a first class website is as easy to counting 1, 2, 3.

Troly empowers you to sell on your website through 2 ways:

  • Troly for WordPress plugin: a fully integrated eCommerce solution, as an extension of WooCommerce. This gives you full control over the look and feel of your online shop, and your customers’ experience. If your website is built with WordPress, you can set it up in minutes.
  • The Tasting Experience: a simplified online shop. It is easy to set up and is included with all Troly subscriptions. This is the right solution if your site is built with plain HTML, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. Customers will be taken to the Tasting Experience to purchase, edit their membership orders, edit their personal details, or sign up for your clubs.

Both solutions are strong but simple, powerful but user friendly.
With either one you can easily:

  • Sell your products online
  • Entice visitors to sign up to your clubs and enjoy benefits straight away
  • Acquire subscribers for your regular newsletter
  • Make customer management of their own shipping and payment details easy
  • Let your members edit their orders themselves, online


A newsletter’s a fantastic method to keep your customers engaged with your brand. When used right, it will also generate sales. It’s always essential to remember anyone who signs up for your newsletter is interested in your brand - and odds are good they’ve brought your products before - so your newsletter represents a terrific way to keep relationships strong with customers, and build on them!

Whichever platform you use to distribute your email newsletters, Troly will keep your EDM list up-to-date (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact). Alongside contact details, we’ll record your customers’ preferences based on most recent purchases, order history, and more!

Making it easy for you to know what products they want most, and making it easy for you to produce newsletters than will drive their sales!

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