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Troly is the Most Complete Sales Software

Updated on May 18, 2019

Whether it’s through automations, reports, or third party apps, the purpose of add-ons is to enable you do more. There are many add-ons already available, but if you can’t see what you’re after, make sure to get in touch with us and let our team know via [email protected]

Capturing sales through website, POS, and others

Troly is epicentre for processing all orders placed by members and customers. Troly enables you to capture sales through any Direct-to-Consumer channel.

With Troly you can boost sales via:

  • Online through your website, with eCommerce and the Tasting Experience
  • At the cellar door or on the go with the POS app
  • To club members through bulk orders

Promote your brand and sales with direct marketing

It’s essential to keep your customers engaged with your brand to generate repeat orders. The various EDM (Email Direct Marketing) add-ons let you give you brand a voice and promote your products easily. The SMS add-on is a great way to get your customers’ attention and further engage them.

Charge credit cards through banking providers

In order to let you capture hundreds of payments in a single click, Troly connects to various payment gateways around the world. You may want to use the Standard or Advanced Troly Group Gateway if you wish to eliminate the on-monthly account fees and save on transaction fees!

Thanks to our optimised workflow, it doesn’t matter which provider you choose. Payments are be captured seamlessly and the amount reaches your account promptly. That means you can easily change to a different payment gateway, without as much as a second thought.

Generate labels for each shipping carrier

After selling your wines, you need to ensure they actually get to their buyers! With so many different carriers, it can seem impossible to know who is the most reliable and cost-effective.

Let’s be direct: it depends, right? One carrier might be able to delivery at very low cost to a certain region. But ship the same parcel with them to a different area, and prices will skyrocket. So often this is simply due to differences in agreements and network coverage.

To simplify this, Troly allows you to leverage several shipping carrier networks, and will pick the cheapest option for you, for each order. Saving you time and money along the way.
Remember that you can also benefit from using Troly Group Shipping Accounts!

Reconciliation of sales with your accounting system

Once sales are completed, it’s time to generate reports on performance and compliance. Many reports are built into Troly. However, you can push this information to Xero accounting software for more control over those reports.

Looking into additional functionality available

There are other tools to help you maximise your sales, keep track of inventory or help you focus on what matters right now. For example, the Activity Summary add-on lets you configure notifications about your account, and what triggers them.

Selecting the Add-Ons That Suit You

One of the biggest strengths of Troly is the easy expansion of its services via add-ons. Absolutely all add-ons are free, and can be installed in with just a couple of clicks.
With Troly add-ons it’s a breeze to:

  • Add or remove functionality to your account
  • Connect to third party services, like shipping providers and payment gateways.
  • Easily switch from one provider to another.

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