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Troly is a Point-of-Sale System

Updated on May 5, 2020

The Troly Point of Sale [POS] app is fully integrated and synchronized the software that allows you to perform your day to day operations while on the go (and all at no extra cost!).

Benefits and limitations of Troly POS

The POS included with Troly is intuitive and cost-efficient, delivering our clients a POS they can use with ease on the go. It's one of our most popular features of Troly built specifically for our software and is the perfect addition to complement your day-to-day operations!

Here are just some of our many unique features:

General Installation
Free of charge ✔️
Secure and portable ✔️
iPad ✔️
Android tablet ✔️
No installs limit ✔️
Wineries and microbreweries ready ✔️
Customers & Members
Apply club memberships and member discounts ✔️
Capture customers & members details ✔️
Sign up members to a club ✔️
Add customers ✔️
Access to historical customers details ✔️
Securely stores payment details in Troly ✔️
Multiple payment types ✔️
EFTPOS payments
(requires a separate machine)
Split payments
Credit card reader ✔️
Compatible with card chip readers
(card scanning technology only)
Applies credit card surcharges
(According to your Troly settings)
Compatible to a receipt printer
Send receipts via emails and SMS
Orders & Sales
Integrated packing ✔️
Integrated shipping ✔️
Applies shipping fees
(According to your Troly settings)
Guest customer shipping

(needs delivery details)

Keep track of stock with zero configuration ✔️
Temporarily save, retrieve and update orders on-demand
Customize products

(Customise in Troly)

Integrated staff timesheets or time tracking
One login per admin account (per staff member)
Sales recorded in reports

Staff and Sales

The POS allows for each and every staff member to have their own login. As a result, you will have a breakdown of sales per staff, their sources (such as website, club, POS, etc.) and also a full stock breakdown at the End of Period Report.


If you have defined club discounts, any club member placing an order at the cellar door instantly gets the discounts you have applied. Additionally, staff members have the option of applying a discretionary discount in the POS.

Integrated card reader

You do not need to use an external credit card machine or chip reader to save credit card details of a new customer in the POS. It holds its own integrated credit card scanning system!

 Frequently asked questions

Is Troly POS a good alternative to Vend?

Unquestionably. While they are indeed different applications, Troly offers a truly streamlined service. Troly’s POS is tailored towards wines, beers, and spirits. The application was designed with “low volume, high-quality sales” in mind. See Vend Pricing and Features.

Vend is a full-fledged POS and requires 3rd party systems (each with their cost) to process payments. It will not automate club sales and shipping work, and cannot be used with the fully-featured Troly system.

Vend has some good features, but with Troly’s POS every single feature is truly outstanding.

Is Troly an alternative to ImPOS, PBSA, or Retail Express?

Yes indeed. Troly is the lean and agile POS that so many in the industry have been longing for.

These systems (like many others) are a more traditional Point of Sale and require additional (dedicated) hardware. They come with a high upfront cost and do not have the portability offered by tablet computers.

With Troly’s POS, the experience is fresh, and it is kept simple. No bloated software, no time wasted navigating through unnecessary features, and truly seamless user experience from start to finish. Troly’s POS is also far more budget-friendly than these competitors.

See PBSA POS, Retail Express, and ImPOS.

Thoughts: Troly POS versus Square & PayPal?

Square and PayPal are famous industry offerings, and they’ve been around a long time. Their longevity shows they are doing a lot right. But that doesn't mean there aren't stark differences between that Troly gives to our clients, and what competitors do.

As a business, Square Payment is not a POS software but more of a payment processor, similar to PayPal. They offer many ways of processing payments and also have one simple price point for all credit card payments of 1.9% (Square) and 2.7% (PayPal).

Troly is not a POS business, but a direct-sales manager. We help you capture sales from multiple channels (including POS), charge, pack, and ship orders automatically in bulk.

Finally, regardless of how small your business is, you get our community-discounted rates to process payments and ship parcels.

Our unique offering is what makes Troly’s POS special. Try Troly’s POS today for yourself, and you’re sure to see why it’s fantastic.

See Square POS and PayPal POS.

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