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Updated on June 14, 2019

Thanks to Troly, boutique wineries and craft breweries can now focus on what matters most. Building their individual product and brand. Wineries and breweries once under immense time pressure, now find a new, fresh breath of air with Troly.

They finally have the time to focus on what’s most important when it comes to building their business. They can now do this as Troly tackles some of the industry inequalities and barriers that hinder our community’s growth.

Our Shared Challenge

The world of craft wines and microbrews reside is highly fragmented. An industry where a handful of organizations control a huge portion of the overall supply. This imbalance leaves hundreds thousands of small businesses to fend for themselves.

Like a square peg in a round hole, trying to fit their businesses unique form into an industry model that fundamentally disadvantages them. The industry of yesterday is rigid, unresponsive, and bloated. But it doesn't need to be this way.

By working together we can combine your delicious products, a mutual market knowledge, and our technology to bring real balance to the industry.

Change Is in the Air!

Consumption habits are changing, and consumers care about the origin of their beverage of choice. They desire a direct and personal connection with those who produced it and thanks to Troly, this is now possible.

Troly empowers producers to build a direct, personalised relationship, with each and consumer. Troly helps each consumer discover and keep in touch with their favorite producers.

The Power in Numbers

Big industry suppliers commonly prefer large clients,  and almost always ask for higher fees from smaller clients. This has long been a harsh reality of doing business as a small boutique brand in a huge industry.

As a group, the Troly community have built a much larger commercial footprint. By joining our network, together we negotiate better deals, and pass on the discounts with every member of the group. This means you get:

  • A technology stack defined by your peers
  • Access to discounted banking
  • Lower shipping shipping rates
  • The right to request new features be added
  • The chance to contribute towards building a fairer industry!

Accessing discounts and industry rates

Every business using Troly can seamlessly access rates negotiated for the entire group, for services used everyday, every month, or even just once per year.

The more businesses that join us, the more access we gain to better, industry-leading rates for products and services used. Troly means stronger, together, working as a group to drive forward and grasp our shared potential.

If You Already Hold a Troly Account: Get Started Instantly!

Visit our Add-ons and Extensions marketplace to see a list of suppliers. Most have a “Your Account” and “Group Account” variant.

Once you have simply deactivated “Your Account” and activated the “Group” equivalent, you no longer need your own supplier agreements and Troly will continue as before, charging credit cards, printing shipping labels, etc.

Activating a group account

Simply deactivate “Your Account” and activate the “Group” equivalent. Then, you no longer need your own supplier agreements and Troly behaves as before, charging credit cards, printing shipping labels, etc.

Contributing to platform development

Working together as a group also means everyone gets to request features and implementation. Work is planned after a process with shared dialogue, idea generation, and voting. Shortly after, the new functionality is built, and becomes available almost immediately to everyone.

Troly has an integrated Live Chat system allowing you to get in touch with us directly. Jump in and don’t hesitate to ask!

You can also access a list of recent release notes, and our team regularly shares product news via our monthly newsletter and product update emails

DtC Wine Sales Workshops

Every few weeks, we visit different regions with the aim of discussing the role of the platform in recurrent direct-to-consumer relationships and sales.

This is a collaborative effort aiming at sharing experiences, tips and also business challenges.

If you’re interested in joining us for a discussion on how technology can help generate and improve your direct sales, simply request access to planning and workshop updates.

What if you want your own features developed?

We always welcome requests and the chance to meet unique requirements.  If your needs are very niche, we can assess them directly with you, and devise a plan for how they can be achieved and implemented. If your requests are rare among our community, we’ll look at sharing the development costs with you.

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