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What Troly Stands for (And Won't Stand For)

Updated on August 9, 2018

Since day one our team at Troly has had a firm belief which has been our core goal ever since. We believe that all wine and beer lovers should have access to quality products regardless of their location. We also believe that real leadership in this industry means saying yes to responsible creation. That’s why we’re proud to advocate for a Fair Trade approach among all actors in the supply chain, whether making, buying, or selling.

The Troly team will never phone it in. We will never work half-heartedly, or feel something is simply ‘good enough’. We will not apologise for taking pride in our brand, in the precision we seek to bring all things in the world of wine growing and beer brewing. This ethos is dear to us because we understand the time and hard work it has taken our clients to build their businesses.

Let us tell you more about what we stand for, and what we won’t stand for.

What Troly Believes

Utilising data and technologies in partnership with you to sell a large majority of your production direct to customers who really want your to share their experience with you. This takes the least effort, the best margins and also allows you to better focus on the handful of clients who really need more traditional contact and facetime one-to-one.

Laying the foundations

We have been working closely with wineries and microbreweries to learn of their experiences, and identify their persistent challenges. lay the technology foundation to simplify high margin direct sales and give you access to industry services at advantageous cost.

Looking into the future

There will always be large producers and there will always be a segment of the market demanding for a very low cost product. However, with the right technology, anyone making a great product can find great customers, selling the bulk of production with ease, and with high profit margins.

Straight Talk from Troly

We’re proud of what we offer. So much so we think it bears repeating! Here’s what we stand for in brief, point by point, and line by line:

  • providing, improving and maintaining a digital platform that optimises your operations
  • offering industry services (exclusively to Troly partners), such as web design, support, marketing and sales, wine club management and online brand management
  • behaving in a fair and equitable manner, irrespective of your production volume
  • utilising big data and data mining to help you understand your customers profiling and best avenues for sale.

Our aim as a group

To turn anyone who has experienced your product (this is important) into an advocate. By sharing their encounter with their friends and family, they are your true proliferators of your story and generate of new sales.

What Troly Won’t Stand For

  • contacting your customers on your behalf without your consent
  • engaging in traditional telemarketing activities to drive sales
  • selling wines at a price that discounts or cheapens your brand
  • selling or promoting the sale of wines at a margin unsustainable for producers

Why You Want Troly Today

Troly brings to every new client a strong but simple approach to business. We will optimise your processes, help you grow your business, and work to make the industry fairer. For your business, and every business in it.

We vowed that’s what we would stand for on day one. We’ve worked hard everyday ever since to fulfill that promise. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you sell my wines?

We don't "sell" your wines in the common sense of the term. We use large amounts of data to find those who actually want your products, for the purpose of them buying it directly from you in the most seamless and intuitive way. The starting point is for you to you use a platform to record sales and profile your products and customers.

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