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What Is Troly (the long version)

Updated on May 5, 2020

Troly is a collective working to promote Direct-to-Consumer sales and Direct-from-Producer purchases. Troly’s mission is to empower boutique wineries and craft breweries to achieve their full potential by supplying the technology that maximizes direct sales and grows customer relationships. Troly helps your brand generate better sales, fulfill them more easily, and we help you better engage with those who love your wines, to extend your brand reach, and generate more sales.

The Troly Origin Story

Once upon a time, a few wineries got together to discuss the challenges each faced. Rapidly, it became evident that while wine styles and strategies were very different, the day-to-day challenges and hurdles were similar.

These wineries encountered shared struggles with:

  • Keeping up with technology: emails, SMS, EDMs, newsletters, website and eCommerce, POS (our on-the-go tablet app); while simple in theory each seems too much work to be practical.
  • Market economics: distribution is not viable to such extend, the future of crafted beverages like wine, lies with sales made directly to the end consumers.
  • Service providers prefer the bigger fish: there is power in numbers and that each would benefit from standing up as a group.

They decided to join forces and share a drink together regularly to discuss ideas and possible solutions to their challenges.

How Can We Build Real and Enduring Change

It was established that technology was a key part of their business moving forward to better engage and reach out to current and new customers. For that, a software platform was required, more than a website, for each to:

  • Access and contribute to the group bulk buying power towards financial, logistics and other industry services
  • Focus on making and sharing their love of wine instead of data manipulation, record keeping, sales reporting
  • Use technology-enabled channels to reach the growing new generation of wine lovers and otherwise difficult to connect with.

What is Troly Today?

Troly manages sales aggregated from different channels, in order to automate some or all aspects of the pay-pack-label-ship operations. In other words, Troly;

  1. Captures sales from wine shows, club signups, website, tasting room, Point of Sales app, etc
  2. Automates payments, packing, and labeling based on each order and customer preferences
  3. Offers optional automation to keep each customer updated via email and text messages
  4. Generates customers intelligence and business reports to help each business

Further, working together as a group allows everyone to access bulk negotiated rates with many service providers such as banking and shipping.

This directly translates into the automation of repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Data synchronization with other software
  • Automated sales reconciliation and reporting
  • Credit card expiry monitoring and filtering
  • SMS messaging to a segment of the customer list

A starting point to build and grow Direct to Consumer sales

The platform provides the tools required to manage customer and member records, track product and inventory, better manage and fulfill sales, and brand reach relying on direct sales instead of flashy online discounts.

Sounds Good, Right? So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re ready to join our mission right here and right now, complete this quick questionnaire and application form. We work hard with everyone and prefer to clarify fit and expectations upfront. A little unsure? See What Troly Stands for (And Won't Stand For)

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