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What Is Troly The 1 Minute Read

Updated on May 5, 2020

Smaller boutique operations often have higher expenses. These costs are a result of the extra precision in the process. A process that results in the delivery of a premium product to the customer. Yes, higher expenses were once an unavoidable reality of running a small boutique operation. That changes now.

Troly takes care of repetitive admin tasks, and provides an array of upgrades:

  • data synchronization with other software
  • automated sales reconciliation and reporting
  • bulk orders and membership discounts
  • card expiry monitoring and filtering
  • SMS messaging and other marketing work

Our automation technology takes care of all essentials. The repetitive tasks that see costs go higher and productivity lowered. With our platform, you can capture, fulfill, and ship multiple cases, and at high volume prices!

This saves time, providing each partner to our project the opportunity to reinvest it where it matters most. In the areas that are not tired and droll administration, but instead have a real and direct effect on growing your business.

Troly is a shared mission. Led by wine enthusiasts, for wine enthusiasts.  A collaborative of wineries and breweries working to overcome the harsh reality faced by most producers. Together we’re building the technology this era demands, enabling each and every business that joins us to grasp new success.

The starting point in this mission must always increase direct sales. This goal is at the heart of Troly’s mission. Troly manages sales aggregated from different channels, in order to automate some or all aspects of the pay-pack-label-ship operations.

Put simply, Troly: helps you capture sales from a variety of sources:

  • Websites
  • Wine shows
  • Wine club members
  • Tasting rooms & Cellar doors
  • Point of Sales (our on-the-go tablet app)
  • Call centers

...and more!

Troly also automates member communications, payments, packing, and labeling process for each order and based on individual customer preferences.

Offering configurable automation to keep each customer updated via email and text messages, generating reports on customer and business engagement,  to help you better understand your business with pure data

Working Together As A Group gives everyone access to bulk buy rates with many service providers, such as bankers and shippers. You’ll also get access to specialized industry products like tailored websites and free point of sales.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to join our mission right here and right now, complete this quick questionnaire and application form. We work hard with everyone and prefer to clarify fit and expectations upfront. Get started at troly.io/apply.

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