Why wineries use Troly

Updated on June 21, 2019

As a cloud-based platform, Troly is ready anytime and anywhere you need it. That means whichever country you’re in, you can create and use Troly without any restriction. It’s core features are supported worldwide, ready to travel and work with you wherever you go.

What you can do with Troly locally and globally:

  • Sign up new members and manage your clubs.
  • Record transactions and offline payments.
  • Automate communications regarding orders.

Request Features for Your Country

Because of our collaborative approach, you can also request for new functionality and local integrations to be developed. In order to do so, contact our Customer Success team via Messenger or write to [email protected].

It’s true some features of Troly rely on the availability of third-party services. If the country you’re in is not supported by a provider, you may not be able to use that feature. However, Troly always strives to always build our connect, and connect to as many different services as possible around the world. That means support for new countries is always growing for all our users.

Following our community-driven approach, the more users we get in one region, the more tools we are able to roll out for them. If you need support for a new provider or want a new feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Payment gateways

It’s easy to installing our online payment gateway to be able to process credit card payments through Troly. If your country is supported by any of our supported gateways, you’re good to go.

Currently, payments can be processed in more than 25 countries through various payment gateways. This covers Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and a large part of the EU.

International payment gateways include Stripe and Braintree.

Shipping providers

Currently, only 2 countries are fully supported for shipping:

However, regardless of your country, you can still send parcels by using the Manual shipments add-on. This option lets you ship parcels through any carrier. Billing as well as shipping labels and other documents need to be taken care of directly with the carrier.

Shipping internationally

At the moment, international shipments are not supported with any carrier. However, you can ship the international parcels using the Manual Shipment option, via any shipping carrier.

Frequently asked questions

Which currencies can I accept for payments?

Payments that come through your payment gateway depending on the currency you set for that gateway. For example, accept payments in AUD via Stripe, all payments made will reach your account in AUD.

No currency conversions are made on your products prices. If you’re in the US and have a product priced at $25, a customer purchasing your product will pay $25 USD. If your product is priced as €25, customers will pay $25.

How will the currency be displayed in Troly?

By default, the displayed currency is $. If you'd like to see another currency symbol in Troly, please contact us via [email protected] with a list of all the pages that need to be updated.

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