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Website Design and Hosting By Troly

Updated on May 18, 2019

The Troly team is delighted to offer a variety of website services. These are offered exclusively to businesses using the Troly to manage their direct sales.

If you require further information on these services, please visit troly.io/websites.

A few terms may be technical in nature or unknown

Certain terms in this article may be new to you. For your convenience, we have included a table of definitions at the bottom of this article. You should consider reviewing if most of what you are reading should like Frenglish or Spaninese!

Information you will need to provide

The following table highlights which information is required, not required and optional.

Service Description Domain DNS Hosting
Our team will connect your existing site to Troly.
Your site will be hosted in our infrastructure with backups,  SSL and domains to be taken care of by our team. (includes Connection)
New Website
You have requested for a new website to be built built by our team.
(includes Hosting and Connection)
Site Customisation You have asked that we build some customisations for you on your existing website.

Domain registration (FREE domain!)

Although recommended, this step is optional and aims at providing you a better integrated and more comprehensive service.

If you have not purchased a domain for your website, Troly will register one for you. This is included at no additional cost with the Hosting package. This is included as part of our Website Hosting service.

If you have already registered a domain, Troly recommends that we handle renewals and configuration in an effort to provide you with a single point of contact for support.

Transferring your domain management to Troly

Your current registrar provides you with a Domain Password, Auth Key or EPP Key. If you cannot find this information, please provide us with your registrar credentials (username and password) along with your domain name. Send all information along with your desired domain name [email protected]

Note that as part of this transfer, your current registrar may send you an email requesting confirmation.

Nameserver Settings (FREE DNS hosting!)

This step is not required if your domain is managed by Troly (above).

To organise for DNS settings to be migrated and hosted with Troly, you will be required to provide us a copy of your current DNS records. This is normally available from your registrar and if you cannot locate this information, please provide your registrar credentials (username and password). This information should be sent to [email protected]

Once we have received this information from you, we are going to request that you change the nameservers onto your domain if you have not provided your registrar credentials.

The nameservers used by Troly for your domain are;


Your registrar should provide plenty of information as to how to achieve this. In doubt, we recommend to consider handing over your domain management (see above).

Website hosting details

This step is required for all services except for new website build.

Control panel access

In order to allow our team to access your website, please provide us with your website control panel details. This should include:

  • access url (sometimes something like https://yourdomain.com:2083)
  • username and password

WordPress administration access

Your WordPress site includes an administration portal, normally accessible at http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Please provide a username and password for the administration account, or alternatively, created a new administrator with email address [email protected]

Once you have both the control panel and WordPress access information, please email [email protected]

Hosting of mail accounts

Good industry practices recommend hosting your mail accounts on a separate hosting infrastructure to your website.

Google and Microsoft (amongst others)

Troly normally recommends Google's G-Suite or Microsoft's Office 365 for this. Each charges 5-10$ per mailbox per month. If you decide to use these services, each provider has extensive documentation and assistance for you to configure this.

Troly assistance with Google and Microsoft products is charged at $100 per issue and per mailbox.

Troly email hosting

Alternatively, we can facilitate hosting of your email mailboxes on our own Cloud email managed through our partner, Rackspace. This comes at a fixed cost of 5$ per mailbox per month and offered strictly to our Troly Website Hosting clients, no exception!

In order to kick off the configuration of your mailboxes, please provide a list of first name, last name, email address and current password for each mailbox you would like to be managed.

Email migration

In most cases, email migration should not be considered possible. Emails on your phone and Outlook or Mac Mail will remain however. If we are able to trigger a migration of historical email data, we will let you know.

Email configuration work and possible migration is charged at $50 per mailbox.

Let's define a few things

Because you may not be familiar with some terms used in this article, here are a few definitions to:

Term Definition
control panel or cPanel A control panel is an area where you can manage various aspects of your website hosting. cPanel is a software widely used by hosting companies to provide a panel to control your account.

This is normally where databases can be created, security can be reviewed and files can be uploaded.

In many cases, this is accessible via https://yourdomain.com:2083

DNS The Domain Name System is a phonebook for all the websites in the world. It's to the Internet what a table of content is to a book.

It allows computers from around the world to know on which server yourwebsite.com is located.

Similarly, the DNS also allows computers to know on which server emails for yourwebsite.com should be sent to also.

domain A domain is also known as domain name, url or website address, is the unique address that identifies your company, and your brand online. It allows people to remember who you are and were to reach you.

Your domain is similar to your Internet business name.

This normally ends in .com, .com.au, .net, .io or else.

hosting Hosting is the physical place (server) where some information about you lives.

Your website hosting for instance contains your site pages, databases and images. Your email hosting will receive your emails for you and allow you to retrieve it. Your DNS (see above) hosting will provide the internet with information on where to find you.

This can be similar to rentable space in a shopping mall!

nameserver The nameserver is tightly related to DNS which allows computers to find you. A nameserver is the one server that is the worldwide authority about your domain.

With the DNS system information to find you can be found in many places in the world. You name server however, it the one server that defines this information.

registrar A registrar is an organisation who can register a domain name on your behalf and grant you access and usage right over that domain. There are many registrar around the world, like GoDaddy, CheapDomains and NetRegistry.

Frequently asked questions

Does your hosting package offer a control panel?

Yes, all our website hosting infrastructure uses the industry-standard cPanel software. We generally don't communicate access details to our clients simply because it's confusing to many, however if you ask we'll happily provide it to you.

What kind of backups do you take and how do I get a backup restored?

We take daily incremental backups which means that everyday, we record what has changed on your site since yesterday. These are stored for up to 30 days and can be restored within your WordPress site.

Restoring a backup means you will erase all changes made between a certain date and now, including new pages created, orders received, etc. Before doing so, we suggest getting in touch with [email protected] and help us understand why you wish to restore a backup, or rollback your website.

Is there anything wrong with using @hotmail, @bigpond, or other emails not associated with my domain name?

While there is nothing wrong in using an email address @hotmail.com or @gmail.com, you should be aware that addresses linked to your telco or internet provider like @bigpond.com, @optusnet.com, @ozemail.com or @att.com require you have an active account with your telco.

This really only becomes a problem when you want to move or change provider and all of your customers only have that "old" email for you and can no longer reach you. Given the low cost of having your own [email protected], we strongly suggest you consider doing so.

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