Understanding Wine Show

Updated on June 14, 2019

The Wine Show is designed for clients to showcase their wines to potential customers.
It’s available from the top-right main menu once the Tasting Experience Add-on is configured. It allows for:

  • Orders to be recorded without requiring payment
  • Easy browsing through products with big pictures and detailed characteristics

The difference with the Tasting Experience is that the order will not be processed. It’s only logged in the customer’s account and paid through the Troly webapp platform.

Recording an Order with The Wine Show

Browsing products

Customers can browse and select products in your Wine Show page. To know how to list and organise your products in the Wine Show, please refer to this user guide.

Record the product selection

Once happy with their selection, customers have two options.

They can send their order to their email address where they can review and place it later on. The link included in their email address redirects them straight to their account (in the Tasting Experience page), allowing them to review their selection, enter their payment details and proceed to the purchase. Please note that guest customers cannot use that feature as they need to enter their name and email address in the system first (they need to have an account already registered in your Troly account).

Customers can also log their order by clicking on the Buy Now button. This sends them a confirmation message and log the order in your Troly Operations page for you to finalise the transaction (in your Troly webapp).

Selection confirmation

Once they have completed the steps as described above, customers will see the following message on screen:

Other options

Customers can also sign up for your newsletter or become members. These two buttons are located at the top of the Wine Show page.

Clicking on Sign up for newsletter will prompt your customer to enter their email address and first name.

Clicking on Become a member will redirect your customer to select a membership and enter their personal details. A member account will then be created and recorded in your own Troly account.

Your products in Wine Show

Products and composite products visibility

To show a product in the Wine Show page, go to the ‘Business attributes’ section in ProductsProduct Information and click on the ‘Visible Wine Show’ tag. The product will not be displayed if the tag is greyed out.

Listing Products

The layout of the products can be displayed in a list or tabbed as per your Tasting Experience and Product Sorting add-on settings. To know how to list and organise your products in the Wine Show, please refer to this user guide.

Your next step

Please check this user guide to organise your products in the Wine Show and configure your Tasting Eperience page.

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