Understanding your Troly Invoices

Updated on July 14, 2020

Troly invoices are issued monthly via email on the 1st of the month. The invoice lists the fees for: the platform usage, the industry service used, support and advanced add-ons and for services rendered, and third-party providers fees. It also includes your discounts, promotional codes, and referrals that you have redeemed during the month.

Local currency

Troly will produce your invoice in your local currency if you are in Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and in the USA. In all other countries, the invoice will be charged in US dollars.

The monthly fees are charged on the credit cards entered into your Company Details page. Note that this is currently the only charging method handled by Troly.

Fees included on your invoice

Platform Usage

To keep things simple, Troly charges 1% of sales or a minimum usage fee. Look at our pricing structure to see what minimum fees are applicable to your business.

The Usage fees are applied to each sale recorded and processed through the platform: club run, individual order, The Tasting Experience page, website orders captured via Troly WordPress plugin, and any POS transactions.

Industry Services Used

The fees associated with third party service providers will be passed on to you, at cost. In other words, when you charge a credit card using Troly's Group Gateway, the bank charges only X% fee to us and we pass this X% fee to you. The same goes for Troly shipping carrier and other marketing fees.

Third Party Service Providers

There is no fee from Troly when you don’t use our Industry services but they could be more expensive from your providers. Additionally, some businesses prefer using their own agreements with various providers. In this case, each provider will invoice you directly and Troly will introduce no potential savings. Troly may charge you for support fees.

Support for Advanced Addons

As mentioned in our pricing page, there may be a monthly fee that will be charged to you for connecting Troly to your own providers (Payment gateway, Shipping carrier(s)).

Services Rendered

Troly offers many additional services (Web hosting, DTC sales coordination, configuration package, etc.) that you can find on our pricing page. These services will be charged monthly and will appear on your monthly invoice.

Discounts, Promos and Referrals

You may be entitled to receiving a special discount, promotional offers, or a referral credit. That amount will be deducted and shown on from your monthly invoice.

Processing your Payments

Funds Withheld, Outstanding Amounts & Payments

This is money that we have withheld upfront in order to pay the shipping carriers and the bank on your behalf for the services that have been used. As you may have noticed it is reported as a negative value as it is not Troly revenue.

Checking Your Invoice Totals

You can find a full breakdown of these fees by generating a End of Period report in Troly. Each individual transaction and fee for each sale is also recorded in the Transaction Report.

Receiving Your Invoices

The invoice is sent via email to your Company Email Address entered in your Company Details page.

The invoices could be automatically sent to someone else in your company (yourself, a partner, or a bookkeeper). You can add that person by doing so in your Business Settings. Register the persons as Billing users in your account so they will be sent monthly invoices and will be notified if your company payment details need to be updated.

Note that an Admin user can be a Billing user at the same time.

Find Invoices in Troly

You can access all the past invoices from the Documents tab on the Operations page. Use the Type ▼ filter available in the table header and select Troly Invoices.

One-off work

All one off work that Troly will do specifically for you will be charged on a separate invoice following a mutual agreement on the payment(s), terms, and conditions.

Website Work

All specific work related to your website: Updating features and functionality of your actual WordPress site, migration to your actual website to a WordPress site, creation of a new website based on a template site, or building a brand new site for you. How can we help you! [email protected]

Creating a New Feature for You

Although we are always working at improving our platform and services, there may be a special feature that your business will specifically need. Tell us what you need! [email protected]

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