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Understanding Troly Invoices

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly invoices are issued to your via email every 1st of the month. They list the platform usage fee, including access to all configurations, Premium Support (if applicable) and third-party providers fees.

Understanding your Troly Invoices

Receiving your invoices

The invoice is sent via email to your Company Email Address entered in your Company Details page.

If you need the invoices to be automatically sent to someone else in your company (yourself, a partner, a book keeper..), please contact us via email ([email protected]) or live chat. Simply send us their full name and email address. Our team will register the persons as Billing users in your account so they will be sent monthly invoices and will be notified if your company payment details need to be updated.

Note that an Admin user can be a Billing user at the same time.

Find invoices in Troly

You can access all the past invoices from the Documents tab on the Operations page. Use the Type ▼ filter available in the table header and select Troly Invoices.

Invoices charging method

The monthly fees are charged on the credit card entered into your Company Details page. Note that this is currently the only charging method handled by Troly.

Note for non Australian users: for accounting reasons, you're billed in AUD dollars even if your company is located outside of Australia.

Finding the full breakdown of your fees in Troly

You can find a full breakdown of these fees by generating a End of Period report in Troly.  Each individual transaction and fee for each sale is also recorded in the Transaction Report.

Invoice breakdown

Platform Access Fee

The platform fees include access to all configurations available on Troly: CRM, Stock management, POS, Website, Club Runs, Direct Email Marketing, etc.

Usage Fee

Usage fees are applied to each sale recorded and processed through the platform (club run, individual order, website orders captured via Troly WordPress plugin and any POS transactions).

Troly Implementation Service

This service is free of charge for the 30 days following your account creation while we guide you through your setup and implementation.

Once the free setup period expires, fees for the remaining days of the month are incurred on an incremental basis. For example, if it expires on the 28th of September, on the 1st of October you will be only charged for the remaining part of the month, 2 days of effective usage, which can be calculated as (Platform access fee / 30) x 2.

Troly Premium Support

If you wish to upgrade your support service, have the ability to request one on one assistance, access our call centre and have your chat and email queries treated as a priority, you can enable the Premium Support feature at an additional cost in the Company details page.

Please refer to our dedicated articles to learn more about Troly Fees and Premium Support.

Web work and special feature costs

Website work and special feature requests will not appear in the Troly invoice.

Payment transactions

If you use our shared payment gateways (Standard or Advanced), the associated fee is passed on to you, at cost. For example, if you charge a credit card using one of the Troly Group Gateways, the bank charges a 1.5% fee to us that is then sent on to you.

Shipping transactions

If you use one of Troly's Shipping Add-ons (AustraliaPost or Fastway), the cost of labels generations is passed to you with no additional charge.

Payment Made to Providers

This is money that we have withheld upfront in order to pay the shipping carriers and the bank on your behalf for the services the have been used.

As you may have noticed it is reported as negative value as it is not Troly revenue.

Failed payments

For reference, in case of failed payments, please be aware that Troly automatically attempts to charge credit cards again on the 3rd, 6th, 12th or 21st day after the invoice issued date. We will therefore try to charge your card again upon these dates, giving you time to update your bank details or contact your bank if necessary.

Note that the 'Response' message included in this email is the message that was sent by the bank to us. Troly received this information and forwarded it to you via this email.

In case you notice the 'Insufficient Funds' message: when checking funds available on a credit card, there may be a difference between the 'available funds' and the 'balance' shown by your bank, this may or may not be the case in your situation.

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