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Understanding the Troly Dashboard

Updated on January 27, 2021

Troly's main dashboard is designed to allow you quick access to your business operations, customers and products management. At a glance, the main dashboard gives you a summary of the actions that need your immediate and future attention. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • ensuring your account is correctly configured and fully operational
  • today's priorities based on tasks that have been created
  • orders that currently require packing or shipping

Using Troly Main Dashboard

Troly Setup

The setup tab specifies the mandatory areas that need to be configured or filled prior to processing orders:

  • Company Details refers to your business name, ABN and additional information set in Company details page.
  • Payment Gateway requires that you install and configure a payment gateway. Your credit card details must also be entered in the system to process Troly service fees.
  • Shipping requires that your Shipping Configuration add-on is installed and configured.
  • Shipping Carrier requires that you've installed a shipping carrier in the Marketplace.

Personal tasks

Personal tasks can be created from your Customer's Activity page by clicking on the clock icon located at the top of the Feed section. To create a task, providing a comment and a date are necessary.

New tasks can also be created directly from the Tasks tab on the main dashboard, by clicking on the "+" button.

The dashboard then displays all the overdue and upcoming tasks (same day, 7 next days) that require a follow-up to ensure that important tasks are acted on. Once a task is handled, check the box and click on the check-mark (second option) at the top.

Dropped and Bounced Emails

When an email appears as Dropped, it means that the email server is too busy to process the email or has never encountered Troly's emails before. It may be delivered again, or will fail once more. The dropped notification usually go away within 24 hours.

When an email appears as Bounced, there is a serious error and the email was not delivered. It is best to get in touch with the customer directly to confirm they received the emails. The error message as to why it was bounced is normally included.

Orders to Pack/Orders to Ship

This display gives you a quick overview of the orders currently awaiting processing. As you can see from the example below, there are currently 50 orders to pack and 2 to ship. Clicking on the "Pack Orders" or "Ship Orders" button(s) will take you to the Orders Dashboard.

Sales Widgets

Sales to date

The Sales to date widget gives you a view of all sales processed, average sales, and in-person versus online sales for the past 12 months.

Sales Channels

The Sales Channels widget is a breakdown of units sold and sales value from the past year for orders by sales channel - 'Tasting Room' (TE), 'Events' (created from the POS), 'Club Sales' (club runs in Troly), 'Troly Sales' (manual sales), and 'Other' (all unknowns, your website and third party retailers).

All Clubs

This widget gives you a breakdown of your sales per membership club, including how many members are in the club, lifetime value, average length, and percentage of sales. The Pending Sales button will redirect you to the list of membership shipments requiring confirmation and/or payment.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow on the right side of the club listing will show you how many members are currently signed up for the applicable club variations.

Sales Demographics and Lifetime Value

  • Sales Demographics gives you the percentage of your sales based on gender and age
  • Lifetime Value is the revenue you can currently expect from customers versus members

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