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Understanding The Troly Customers Dashboard

Updated on June 2, 2020

Troly is designed with 3 main Dashboards to assist you with your business operations, customers and products management. The Customers dashboard gives you an overview of your clubs, members, and customers who buy the most/least with:

  • a diagram of your membership segmentation with clubs and non-members
  • your entire list of customers ranked by total purchase and accurate average sale per customer

Using Troly Customers Dashboard

The Dashboard is split in two parts. The table located on the left provides the list of all customers who made a purchase with the average sale amount per customer. The diagram located on the right side shows the members segmentation with a breakdown of all your clubs.

Look for customer profile pages

On the top of the Customers Dashboard, you can search for a specific customer profile page by typing at least 3 characters of their name or email address. As you type the name, Troly will show you the list of customers matching your search. Members are easily identified by a ⭐.

Import and update customers in bulk

Your customers dashboard allows you to Import, Export and update Customers in bulk. Check our dedicated user guide for details and instructions.

Best and worst table

Filter your customers list

This list can be filtered to include ‘everyone’, the ‘club members’ only or the ‘customers’ only. The second filter allows to display the ‘best’, ‘worse’ or ‘non-buyers’ at the top depending if you want an increasing/decreasing list.

Last seen dates

The "last seen" dates correspond to the last interaction the winery had with a specific customer: an actual cellar door visit, an email sent, a phone call made, a task or a reminder. The date may correspond to a sale. As well as this an email is sent to your customers each time an order has been delivered or picked up.

Colour coding information

  • The black amount corresponds to the customer's average paid orders (this doesn't include any unconfirmed or refunded orders).
  • The green amount means that they are above the "CUSTOMERS AVERAGE SALE" amount shown at the very top of the table.
  • If you see that this amount is red instead of being green, it will mean that the customer stands below the overall average.

Members segmentation diagram

The member segmentation shows what clubs have the most members, the number of members and customers that you have in total and your active clubs.

Clicking on any of the membership names redirects you to the club settings page.

Dashboard updates

The segmentation diagram only updates periodically: it updates hourly, but note that it could sometimes take a little longer.

Your next step

Ready to add new customers in Troly? See how to manually add a new customer or import a whole list of customers and members in your account.

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