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Understanding The Transactions Report

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly lets you process orders from many channels, all via one platform. This really simplifies reporting, since reports include all facets of your business. From the Reports page the Transaction Report allows to:

  • review all operations that incur fees or adjustments made to your account for a given period
  • export the transaction list to a CSV file

Transactions report

The Transactions report lists every type of fee incurred for your use of Troly features, integrations and configurations.

Report time frame

The date entries allow you to filter specific and longer periods of time that you wish to review. Simply type in the dates you want to look at, or use the little calendar icon to select a date.

Export your report

If necessary, you can also export the results into a CSV file. Click Export to CSV, save the report in your computer and open it in a spreadsheet if necessary. Opening your report in a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheet..) allows you to filter the information, or keep your transaction history in a handy table format. Note that you can filter your report directly in Troly using the Transaction filter.

Filter your report in Troly

As you may have several transactions for an extended period of time, you can use the Transaction ▼ filter to narrow your search on the specific type of fees that you’re after.

Transactions summary

The top of the report displays a summary of transactions with colour coding for:

  • the Payments Processed: if you are using the Standard and Advanced payment gateways only
  • the Fees: all fees incurred by platform usage
  • the amount Paid to You: amount transferred to your bank account

Report details

The transaction list provides the complete breakdown of all the fees deducted and funds movements with dates and description:

  • Fees Incurred:
    • SMS: 10¢ for each SMS sent only if you have the SMS add-on installed in Troly
    • Fees - Shipping charges: when dispatching parcels using one of our Troly's Shipping accounts (Australia Post or FastWay)
    • Fees - Payment: if you are using one of Troly's online banking gateways only (30¢ + 0.9% for MasterCard and Visa, 1.95% for American Express for Troly Standard and 1.5% for MasterCard and Visa, 2.5% for American Express for Troly Advanced)
    • Fees - Platform Usage: by your usage of Troly (% applied on sales recorded in Troly)
    • Fees - Paid on Invoice
  • Adjustments:made to your account or invoice
    • Adjustments - On Account
    • Adjustments - On Invoice
  • Payment - Processed: if you are using the Standard and Advanced payment gateways only

If you use one of our shared payment gateways, you will also find:

  • Funds – Withheld: from your takings to cover any platform and third party provider fees. For example, a $1000 processed, with $100 in fees means there will be a $100 withheld and the remainder of $900 appears as Paid to you.
  • Funds – Bank Transfer shows amounts that have been sent to your bank account (Funds – Bank Transfer). Funds are generally remitted to you within two working days.

Missing bank transfer

Troly remits funds over to you daily but please note that funds should arrive to you within 5 business days depending on your bank. If you notice any major delay, please see our Troubleshooting Payments article for help and guidance.

Your next step

For more information and reports, think about generating End of Period reports in Troly!

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