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Understanding The Tasting Experience

Updated on June 24, 2019

The Tasting Experience is an online shop application that allows customers to browse products and make orders online from cellar door, wine shows,  and automated emails.
Your customers can also:

  • Sign up to your clubs or to your newsletter
  • Update their contact and payment details
  • Update their orders online
  • Review their previous orders

What’s more, if you don’t yet have a website, with Troly you can create and build your own! Learn More about our offerings by visiting our website.

Placing an Order with The Tasting Experience

Products listing

The layout of your products can be displayed in a list or tabbed view. You can also create categories for your customers to easily browse through your difference type of products (Reds, Whites, Cases, etc).

Products in details

Clicking on the name of a product opens a window with more information about the product (tags, description, tasting notes, price per case or member price, etc.). To go back to the list view, your customer simply needs to click the List button on the top right corner of the screen.

Discounts and clubs prices

In order to encourage customers to join your clubs or to buy several units, the club and case prices are displayed** next to the quantity buttons to encourage sign-ups and larger purchases.

When members are logged in they see the price that applies to the club they belong to, otherwise the best member price available is displayed.

**If you have one membership set up in Troly, both the RRP and the membership price (calculated according to the membership discount) are displayed (if your membership visibility is set to Public or Restricted).

**If you have more than one membership set up in Troly: Troly automatically selects the lowest membership price to be shown on the Tasting Experience. At the moment, this can not be manually set up. Note that Troly only shows membership discounts if the club(s) visibility is(are) set to Public or Restricted.

Creating an order Step by Step

Product selection and order confirmation

Products selection is simple, customers click on the + or sign. Once they're ready, they can press the Confirm Order button. If they are already logged in their own customer account at this stage, they can go ahead and finalise their order.

If they are not logged in yet, refer to the paragraph below.

Sign in, sign up and guest users

A window appears for customers to log in or sign up. Note that they can also continue as a guest.

If they are not logged in their own customer account once they click Confirm Order, a window appears for them to log in (or sign up):

If this is the first time they’re shopping on the tasting experience but already have provided their email address to you (meaning that there is already a customer page created under this email address in your Troly account), they need to create a password. On the ‘Sign In’ tab, they need to click the ‘Trouble signing in’ link and follow the instructions on screen.

If they already have an email address and a password, they simply click the Sign In tab and type in their email address and password to log in.

If they are willing to sign up as a registered customer or as a club member for the first time, they need to go to the ‘Sign Up’ tab and follow the instructions on screen.

If they don’t want to register as a customer or as a club member, they need to click Continue as guest at the bottom of the window. Note that a pick up order will be created in Troly, shipment orders are not an option for guest customers.

Order confirmation and payment

The checkout screen provides a summary of the order, where customers can add or remove products. If selecting a composite product, the sub-products making up the content are listed.

As a note, if you add a composite product to your order (ie. a case that contains 6 bottles), the total of items shown at the bottom of the shopping page will show that ONE item was included in the order, not the number of items included in the composite product.

A notification informs non-members of the value they can save up if they join a club and existing members can see the discount saved on each product listed.

The following step requires customers to enter their personal and payment details, confirm if they wish to ship, pick up or offer the order as a gift, pay by credit card or cash, and finalise the order.

Date of birth information

If you have configured the Display date of birth? feature in the Tasting Experience Add-on, it is mandatory for your customers to enter their date of birth in order to complete an order.

Capture sales staff member

If the Capture Sales Staff member? feature is configured in the Tasting Experience Add-on, the customer has the option to select the staff member before finalising the order.

Order final confirmation

Once the order is processed, a ‘Thank you!’ window pops up and allows customers to go to their profile. Their invoice is sent to them separately via email (according to your Communication settings in Troly).

Signing in and up online

From the Tasting Experience

When customers click on any of the Become a member buttons, they can see all your clubs and policies, as well as their benefits.

If they don’t wish to become a member, they can still sign up to your newsletter to receive the latest updates and stay connected with you when entering their personal details.

Your next step

Now you need to install and configure your add-on! Please click here to find our easy step by step and more details about the Tasting Experience options.

We also have a user guide for your own customers! Don't hesitate referring them to this page to help them sign in, reset a password, edit their orders, etc.

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