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Understanding The Shipping Stage 4 of 5

Updated on July 26, 2019

Troly captures sales from cellar doors, wine shows, club signups, website, POS, etc. and automates the payments, packing, labeling and dispatching steps to save you a tremendous amount of time and efforts. It allows you to:

  • perform those actions in bulk.
  • gather all operations in one system to simplify transactions management, reconciliation, and reporting.


This is the fourth article of five to describe the ordering process through Troly. Please see the following articles:
1. Understanding the Paying Stage
2. Understanding the Packing Stage
3. Understanding the Labelling Stage
5. Understanding the Dispatched Stage

Using Troly to Ship your Orders

When ready to dispatch, shipment orders have already been paid for, they have been packed and labeled in Troly.

Locate 'ready to dispatch' orders in Troly

Orders that are ready to be dispatched are shown in your Operations page under the Shipments Orders list. You can use the Status filter and select Ready to dispatch to see the list of ready to dispatch orders only. You can also use the Carrier and Customer & Order Details filters if you need to narrow down your list of orders per membership, per carrier, etc.

Dispatch a single order

Shipment orders can be dispatched in a single action by clicking on the Dispatch button at the bottom of the order detail page.

If the order payment has been pre-authorised and the pre-authorisation hasn't yet expired, dispatching the order in Troly will also charge your customer's credit card.

Dispatch orders in bulk

Select the desired orders by clicking them on the Operations Shipment page and click Dispatch.

Please note that, when using the filters, Troly will also indicate the number of orders that will be processed upon clicking Dispatch.

If the orders are not manually selected (clicking them one by one), Troly will assume that you are willing to process the entire list of orders displayed according to the filters applied.

What does the 'Dispatch' button do

Once you click Dispatch, shipping manifests are generated. You can find the shipping manifests in your Document Center.

Also, customers are sent a message that their order is on the way, including commercial invoice and carrier tracking details (please see the Understanding The Dispatched Stage article for more details).

Simultaneously, any orders that have been pre-authorised are being paid for (given that the pre-authorisation hasn't expired yet). Any order which pre-authorisation has expired will not be dispatched. In the unlikely event of a declined card, the outstanding order is set aside.

When attempting to dispatch unpaid orders, Troly will not process them and set them aside. Orders have to be paid for before they can be dispatched.

Use the 'Awaiting Payment' → 'Errors Only' filter to find and review the unpaid orders manually.

Parcel Weight and Volume Calculation

The parcel weight prevails over the volume (or cubic weight) to set the cost as it almost always outweighs it:

For more information about shipping configuration or Product details, please refer to the dedicated articles.

Shipping method and carrier selection

By default, Troly will select the shipping method (carrier) according to your Business settings under the 'Order Management' section.

Each customer's specific shipping settings will also automatically be taken into account ('Preferred delivery method' under the 'Addresses and Payment' tab in Customers).

In a single order page, you are able to modify the options as well.

Carton size selection

The carton size option is also automatically selected by Troly according to your Shipping Configuration add-on settings. Then, Troly will make sure to pick the most accurate carton size according to the order content and your shipping and product weights.

When dispatching a single order, the shipping method can be edited in the order page, under the 'Shipping Carrier' field. The carton option can also be amended in the 'Carton Size' field.

You are also able to see how many bottles the carton size option can contain. This can be helpful if you named your carton options like 'the premium carton' or 'the small case', or if you select the 'Automatic' carton size option. This field updates as you change the carton size in the Carton Size dropdown.


You have created two carton sizes in your Shipping Configuration add-on: one can contain 6 bottles and the other can contain 12. Say an order includes 5 bottles. If you select the 'Automatic' option, Troly will automatically pick the carton size that can fit 6 bottles.

If the order contains 12 bottles, Troly should pick the carton that can fit 12 bottles. However, you are still able to manually select the carton size which can fit 6 bottles, in which case Troly will tell you that two cartons are to be labeled and shipped for this order.

Switching an Order from Pickup to Shipment

It is possible to switch an order from pick-up to shipment or vice versa, but you can only do so before an order is paid. It can be done as a single or bulk action.

If you want to switch an order after it has been paid, you first need to refund it due to the shipping fees involved. You may want to wait before re-processing the order as it may take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your customer's bank account. Please read this article for more details.

Unpaid Order

From the customer's order page, check/uncheck 'This order will be picked up, box.

It can also be done as a bulk action by selecting multiple orders from the OperationsOrders page (ensuring the number of selected orders is correct), clicking the Bulk Actions button and the 'Shipments to pick-ups' option in the pop-up window, typing 'CONFIRM' (in capital letters) and clicking on the Confirm button.

If a pick-up order is changed to a shipment, the primary set “Preferred shipping carrier” will be used to calculate shipping prices.

As shipping fees need to be added or removed, there is no way to switch a completed order from pick-up to shipment and vice versa. The order has to be refunded and placed again.

Your next step

Once dispatched, orders will be tracked automatically. The carrier provides updates on the order once a night and advises us when the shipment is in transit or delivered. This information is displayed in the Customer's Activity page.

Check our Understanding The Dispatched Stage article for more details on the next step.


If you run into an issue during or after the dispatch stage, please click this article to learn how to fix it.

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