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Understanding The Point-of-Sale (POS)

Updated on June 30, 2020

The Point-of-Sale (POS) application is cloud-based software and has a simple interface that allows you to record and customise your sales, keep a live stock inventory, access your customers details and more. In addition, you are able to:

  • Sign-up members, enforce membership discounts and shipping prices
  • Automatically synchronise sales with Troly software and record them in the ‘End of the Period’ report.

For information regarding the comparison with equivalent software, please refer to the dedicated article.

Using Troly’s POS to manage customers operations

First, download the Point of Sale application on your Apple (IPhone or tablet) and Android tablets device(s). Install, configure and activate the Add-On in the Troly software to get started.

Next, enable the Visible in POS tag in the Product Information page of each product in Troly. Once the products are configured to show, they are displayed in the All tab of the POS.

If you wish to have separate tabs for your merchandising, food, accommodation or miscellaneous products, create Sorting Categories for your products, download the Product Sorting Add-On and, drag and drop the products in the order and category of your choice.

Create a sale step by step

Enter product(s)

As you select the desired products, they are automatically listed on the right hand side of the screen.

To add more than one unit of the same product, tap on the icon multiple times. The amount of units (e.g. [email protected] $28.00) and the total value increase accordingly.

The prices set in the   Standard discount of your Business Settings page are also correctly applied when products are added multiple times.

If several products are added, the POS allows you to scroll the list by maintaining your finger on any item and moving up and down.

Edit a product

To edit a product manually, tap on it in the list, edit it (name or price) in the pop-up window and tap the Save button. To reset the edited name/price edited back to the original information, tap the Reset button.

Note that these changes apply to that single order only. If you wish to make permanent changes to a product, you need to do so from the Troly platform.

Remove products

To remove a product from the list, slide it on the right.

Assist guest customers

If a Customer wishes to purchase a product as a one off without leaving their details, leave the Search for a Customer field blank. The transaction is then recorded for a ‘Guest Customer’.

Add new customers & members details

To enter a new Customer or sign up a Member, tap on Search for a Customer field and on Add Customer button.  You need to add their name and at least one contact detail (mobile number, phone number or email address). If desired, select the chosen membership from the drop down list, add the delivery details and tap Save.

As soon as their details are entered in the POS, they are automatically saved in the backend platform and all transactions recorded from that point on.

Retrieve existing customers & members information

To record a sale for an existing Member, tap on Search for a Customer field, add at least two characters of their full name or email address and select them in the list.

Their full name, club Membership (if any), total amount spent, last purchase, last visit and average purchase appear at the top right corner to give you more information about your Customer.

Tapping on View Activity opens the Customer's past activity window and allows you to review their orders and account history.

Packing and shipping

If the order needs packing, switch the button to ON. For orders that are packed on the spot, the switch should remain OFF.

When enabling the shipping ON switch, the app requires that you confirm the mailing address or change the order status to ‘Packing’.

Note that the shipping option is disabled if you record the transaction as a ‘Guest Customer’.

The shipping fees are added according to your Shipping configuration.

Discount and payment

When selecting six packs, cases or a given amount of units for a product, the standard discounts set in your Business Settings page apply automatically.

If you have configured membership discounts, any club Member also benefit instantly of the discounts that you have set when placing an order.

Additionally, staff members have the possibility to apply a discretionary discount in dollars or percentage. They can do so by taping on the Discount field and entering the desired discount, for example $10.00 or 10.00% (please note that the decimals are mandatory).

To remove a discount, delete the number entered and tap on either Discount$ or Discount% buttons.

Processing the payment

Once the order is complete, tap on Pay for your payment options to appear. Please note that splitting payments between multiple payment sources are not currently available.

Visa and Mastercard credit card (online) payments

The POS allows you to process transactions with the Customers details on file or to easily record new credit card numbers. When selecting the credit card option, a window with the Customer’s recorded details (if any) appears. Ensure the data is valid, enter the CCV and tap on Finalise.

If no data is saved in the system, tap the camera button to scan the credit card and the name, number and expiry date will be recorded straight away. To scan the card correctly, ensure that you position it within the rectangle and that there is sufficient light. Add the CCV at the back of the card manually and tap on Finalise.

Cash (offline) payment

Enter the amount given in the pop-up window and once the change owed balance appears, tap on the Finalise Payment button. The correct amount must be entered for you to reconcile your transactions at the end of the day.

EFTPOS (offline) payment

Please note that EFTPOS payments are not supported by the POS application and require a separate machine to process.

Tap the EFTPOS button and when the payment has been approved on your own machine, tap Finalise payment.

Cheque (offline) payment

Tap the Cheque and Finalise payment button to complete the transaction.


Troly is in the Cloud and, therefore, cannot directly communicate with an EFTPOS machine or sales docket printers as they are not cloud ready. The POS can however be used in parallel with any EFTPOS machine.

Each time a sale is recorded in Troly, an invoice is generated and can be printed if needed. Troly also has the ability to send emails and SMS receipts.

Credit card reader

Simply  tap on the Camera button to scan the credit card details. The name, number and expiry date are recorded straight away and you only have to type the CCV manually. If your customer becomes a member, their details are automatically saved and encrypted in the system for future transactions.

Product customisation

Products are unlimited, however they cannot be customised. In other words, you cannot add a "burger with no pickles". To have more flexibility, you need to create separate products.


All the sales recorded trough the POS appear in the Revenue by Source section of the ‘End of Period report’ under OperationsReports .

Your next step

Have you tried using the POS integrated card reader yet? No need to use an external machine or reconcile the transactions at the end of the month as the payment is captured in the system. Try it, you'll love it!


Please refer to the related Troubleshooting the Point of Sale article if you experience any issues with the Point of Sale.

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