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Understanding The Packing Stage 2 of 5

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly captures sales from cellar doors, wine shows, club sign ups, website, POS, etc. and automates the payments, packing, labelling and dispatching steps to save you a tremendous amount of time and efforts. It allows you to:

  • Perform those actions in bulk.
  • Gather all operations in one system to simplify transactions management, reconciliation and reporting.


This is the second article of five to describe the ordering process through Troly. Please see the following articles:
 1. Understanding the Paying Stage
 3. Understanding the Labelling Stage
 4. Understanding the Shipping Stage
5. Understanding the Dispatched Stage

Using Troly to Pack Orders for Pickup and Shipments

Packing lists are generated for both Pickups and Shipments once an order is paid.

Pack a single order

Orders can be packed in a single action by clicking on the Pack button at the bottom of the order or in bulk by selecting the desired orders on the Orders page and clicking the Packing List button.

Bulk packing orders

Orders can't be packed if they haven't been paid. If performing a bulk action, use the 'Status' filter to narrow your search and select only the orders that are 'In Progress' or 'Ready to Pack'.

When multiple orders are packed, a packing summary is also generated. The combined packing list appears in OperationsDocuments .


Orders will not be packed twice, unless you are manually selecting the orders to be packed again.

Understanding the Packing Lists and Summaries

The packing summaries and packing lists are available in OperationsDocuments.

The Type▼ filter can be used to narrow the search to 'Packing Lists' or 'Packing Summaries'  only.

Packing Summary

Packing Summaries are generated when orders are packed with the bulk actions. Packing summaries include:

  • Customer Name
  • Carton Type
  • Carrier Name
  • Quantity per product
  • Total units for each order
  • Grand total

Packing List

Packing lists are generated for both Pickup and Shipment order. They assist you to ensure the relevant content goes into each order.

The packing list (generated as a PDF document) includes:

  • the winery mailing address and contact details (phone number and email address)
  • the customer's personal details (delivery address, phone number and email address)
  • The number of units, membership name (if any) and date
  • The parcel content

Combined Packing List

The combined packing list allows you to pack several cases at the same time. The front page of the list provides you the membership orders, the customised cases and the required products. There is also a table of content of the combined packing lists.


Now it's time to ship your parcels. Check out this article to learn more about the shipping stage in Troly.

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