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Understanding The Membership Profitability Report

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly lets you process orders from many channels, all via one platform. This reallysimplifies reporting, since reports include all facets of your business. From the Reports page the Membership Profitability Report allows to review:

  • all cash and stock movements.
  • how your clubs sales and non-members sales compete against each others.

Membership profitability

The report allows you to filter specific or extended periods of time that you wish to review. For example, you can cover a specific club run period or a whole year.

Reading the report

The report is divided in “non-members” and “club” sections. It provides the name, quantity, average price and total of sales. The ‘Average’ column takes into account the applicable membership and loyalty discounts instead of displaying the standard price.

The top of the report provides the product purchase breakdown for non-members, followed by each of your clubs. The products (single or composite) and the membership prepayments (if enabled) are listed with the total for each product and all products combined.

Transfer your report to a spreadsheet

Once you generate your Membership Profitability or Commitment Report in Troly, simply press Ctrl+A (to select all) and Ctrl+C (to copy all) on the report page. Open your Excel spreadsheet or your Google sheet and press Ctrl+V to copy everything. You are now able to filter the data in the spreadsheet if you need to.


Take a look at the Commitment report to know more about your members' previous and current membership, scheduled delivery orders, membership start and end dates, commitment status, etc.

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