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Understanding The Labelling Stage 3 of 5

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly captures sales from cellar doors, wine shows, club signups, website, POS, etc. and automates the payments, packing, labelling and dispatching steps to save you a tremendous amount of time and efforts. It allows you to:

  • perform those actions in bulk.
  • gather all operations in one system to simplify transactions management, reconciliation and reporting.


This is the third article of five to describe the ordering process through Troly. Please see the following articles:
 1. Understanding the Paying
 2. Understanding the Packing Stage
 4. Understanding the Shipping Stage
5. Understanding the Dispatched Stage

Using Troly to Label Orders to Be Shipped

Details of orders ready to be shipped are sent to your preferred shipping carrier, including weight, dimensions and destination for a shipping label to be created. All labels are carrier compliant and include customer delivery instructions, if any.

How to use labels in Troly

Each label is linked to one specific order, this is recorded in Troly once the shipping label is generated for an order. Labels can't be used several times and one label can not be used on a different order as it will create confusion with the carrier tracking system.

Because a label generated in Troly is linked to one single order, and recorded as such in Troly, the system updates the order corresponding to this shipping label. So when a carrier notifies Troly that a label has entered the network (e.g. a parcel has been scanned), Troly updates the corresponding activity feed and notifies the customer associated to the order number in Troly.

Generating a single order shipping labels

Shipping labels can be created in a single action by clicking on the Label button at the bottom of the order.

Generating labels in bulk

Find all your 'Ready to be labelled' orders by filtering the Status column with Ready to label. Generate shipping labels in bulk by selecting the desired orders on the Operations page and clicking the Shipping Labels button.

Re-generating labels

Troly generates a label only once, however you can regenerate single shipping labels manually, on-demand. It’s important for the latest label to be used only, and only labels used to actually ship a parcel will be sent to the carrier and incur a fee.

Cancelling a labelled order

If you do need to cancel an order that was already marked as labelled (meaning that the label has been generated) and you have used your own shipping carrier account, then you'll need to get in touch with the carrier (as you may be charged for the label no matter what).
If this happens with a label that was generated using Fastway or Australia Post Troly shipping account, please note that you only get charged when the parcel is dispatched (used on a box and handed to the carrier), so you will not bear the label costs if it was not used on a parcel and not dispatched.

Finding shipping labels in Troly

When multiple orders are shipped, shipping labels are generated for each shipping carrier. They are listed under OperationsDocuments . Use the Type▼ filter to narrow the search to 'Labels' only.

For more information about printing shipping labels, format and bar-codes please refer to this article.

A single label is generated per carton, including the recipient details and instructions. If any order has multiple cartons, 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 will be used, please use accordingly based on weight.

Manual shipment order labels

Generic orders labels are also generated for Manual Shipment, when you deliver orders yourself or use unsupported carriers.

Pick-up order labels

If required, labels can also be created for pick-ups. The pick-up label can not be used by any carrier, it may simply help you organise your orders if you are expecting many customers to come and pick up their case in a short amount of time for example. The pick-up label is generated as a PDF document and Troly will give you the link to this document as soon as it's generated. All your pick up labels are stored and saved in your Document center, under 'Labels'.

Shipping Summary

In addition of the labels, labels summaries (.CSV format) are available for manual upload, if required by your carrier. They are also listed under OperationsDocuments. Use the Type▼ filter to narrow the search to 'Label Summaries' only.

Your Next Step

Now you've generated labels, let's take a look at the Shipping stage.


If you're having any issues with labels in Troly, please take a look at our Troubleshooting shipping issues article. The problem you're currently facing and its corresponding resolution steps are probably already documented in there.

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