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Understanding The Documents Centre

Updated on December 18, 2020

Troly will generate a number of documents for you such as: invoices to your customers, shipping labels, etc. You can find all these documents in the Documents Center. From there, you can:

  • View all documents generated since the day you signed up
  • See who generated a document, and when
  • Download any document to your computer

Use Filters to Find the Right Document Faster

Filter your list of documents

All the documents are displayed in the order they were created, with the most recent at the top. If you are looking for a type of document in particular, click on the blue arrow next to the Type column. This will show a list of document types (explained below).

Customer invoices

All invoices generated for orders placed by customers. Invoices are generated once the order has been completed, meaning that they have been paid. Please see our article on order statuses for more information about each order stage.

Packing Summaries

A CSV file that you can open as a spreadsheet if necessary with each order, products to be packed and shipping carrier name for all shipments. Note that packing summary CSV files are now available for both Pick Up and Shipment orders. Learn more about packing summaries here.

Packing Lists

A PDF document with the order content and customer details (if available). This includes each product’s description, image, carrier name, etc. Learn more about packing lists here.

Label Summaries

Labels summaries are CSV files including delivery details for each parcel. Use this to upload into the carrier’s web console.


Shipping labels are generated for each shipment. The labels generated depend on the shipping provider used to deliver each order.

Shipping manifests

Shipping manifests are generated once you dispatch orders in Troly. Learn more about shipping manifest and their content here.

Customer Exports

A list of all your customers, in a CSV format.

Product Exports

A list of all your products, in a CSV format.

Troly Invoices

All invoices relating to your usage of Troly and third party providers.

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