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Understanding The Dispatched Stage 5 of 5

Updated on July 26, 2019

Troly captures sales from cellar doors, wine shows, club signups, website, POS, etc. and automates the payments, packing, labeling and dispatching steps to save you an immense amount of time and efforts. It allows you to:

  • perform those actions in bulk
  • gather all operations in one system to simplify transactions management, reconciliation, and reporting


This is the fifth article of five to describe the ordering process through Troly. Please see the following articles:
1. Understanding the Paying Stage
2. Understanding the Packing Stage
3. Understanding the Labelling Stage
4. Understanding the Shipping Stage

Using Troly to dispatch your orders

Locate dispatched orders in Troly

Orders that have been dispatched disappear from the Pick-ups/Shipments Orders list, but are displayed in the Customer's Activity page. They can be filtered with the Activity Description ▼ drop down and selecting 'Shipments'.

Pre-authorized orders

Orders that have been payment pre-authorised are charged when you dispatch them in Troly. In the unlikely event of a declined card, the outstanding order is set aside. In the Operations page, use the 'Awaiting Payment' → 'Errors Only' filter to find and review them manually.

Unpaid orders

When attempting to dispatch unpaid orders, Troly will not process them and set them aside. Orders have to be paid for before they can be dispatched.

Use the 'Awaiting Payment' → 'Errors Only' filter to find and review the unpaid orders manually.

Shipping manifests

Shipping manifests are automatically created upon dispatching orders in Troly. This PDF document is stored in your Document Center so you can come back to it and print it whenever you need to. You may select 'Shipping manifests' under the 'Type' filter in the Document Center.

Shipping manifests are documents that you may need to give to your carriers. A manifest is created for:

  • each shipping carrier with the number of consignments included in the shipment.
  • manual shipment orders marked as dispatched in Troly

Shipping manifests content

Each manifest includes the following details (depending on the carrier selected for the shipment):

  • The name of the carrier
  • The customer's delivery address
  • The manifest creation date (when generated in Troly)
  • The manifest number
  • The Merchant ID and Merchant Location ID (Australia Post)
  • The shipping account number (Australia Post)
  • The Charge zone and code description (Australia Post)
  • The Deliver zone (Fastway)
  • Total Consignments
  • Total Articles or Total Parcels
  • Total Actual Weight (kg)
  • Total Cubic Weight (kg)
  • Total Chargeable Weight (kg)
  • Additional shipping information (specific to carrier) and signature field

Emails and notifications

When orders are dispatched, your customers will receive an email notification with their invoice attached if your Communications settings are configured accordingly. You may enable, disable or edit the 'Order Has Been Shipped' email template.

When possible, shipping carriers are notified of the parcels to be picked up.

Your next step

When dispatched, orders will be tracked automatically. The carrier provides updates on the order once a night and advises us when it is in transit or delivered. This information is displayed in the Customer's Activity page.


Now, if you run into an issue during or after the shipping stage, please click this article to learn how to fix it.

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