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Understanding The Commitment Report

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly lets you process orders from many channels, all via one platform. This really simplifies reporting, since reports include all facets of your business. From the Reports page the Commitment Report provides:

  • detailed membership information of each club member.
  • an overview of all your members and clubs.

Use Troly to track Commitment

When they join  your clubs, members generally agree to buy a minimum number of bottles every month / quarter / year (depending on your own policies). This is to reduce the number of people who sign up to get a one-off discount, and don’t order in the future.

The commitment report shows:

  • a list of your members with their respective club
  • the fulfilment of the previous year and of the current year commitment in terms of bottles purchased
  • their joined date and last purchase date

Reading the Commitment information

The report places the members who need your attention at the top. The commitment ratio is also colour coded to highlight that the commitment have been:

  • () fulfilled
  • (x) nearly fulfilled
  • (x) not fulfilled

Each commitment for each member (number of bottles per membership) is based on the Membership settings under the Operations > Membership page.

The example above demonstrates a craft brewery where club members commit to buying 96 bottles per year through four different club runs. The report highlights the people who have not met the minimum requirement by purchasing zero, one or two orders during those club runs.

From there, you can send these people a special offer to re-engage them with your brand. The purpose is to remind them how blessed they are to be part of your club!

A legend is available at the bottom of each commitment report generated in Troly:

Note that your commitment report also tells you if a someone's membership is currently on hold, in which case the member will not be included in your next Club Run:

Reading the dates in the reports

Previous Membership Commitment

  • End Date: this is when your member's last commitment ended
  •  : the member has changed to another membership
  •  : the member has renewed their membership

Current Membership Commitment

  • End Date: this is when the member's current membership is meant to end. If you suspend a membership for a member for one month, this date will be automatically updated to reflect the new end date (one month later).

Important Dates

  • Last Purchase: this is the last time a member completed a membership order
  • Joined: this is when the member signed up for a membership (this is different from the customer's sign up date)
  • Next delivery: the member is meant to receive their next membership order on the date indicated in this column. If you suspend a membership for one given member, they may be missing their next delivery date if this date is set before the membership is being reactivated. In this case, the next delivery date will automatically be updated in the report to reflect this change

Transfer your report to a spreadsheet

Once you generate your Commitment Report in Troly, simply press Ctrl+A (to select all) and Ctrl+C (to copy all) on the report page. Open your Excel spreadsheet or your Google sheet and press Ctrl+V to copy everything. You're now able to filter the data in the spreadsheet if you need to.


Take a look at the Membership Profitability report to review all membership cash and stock movements.

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