Understanding Single Orders

Updated on June 14, 2019

Troly has the flexibility of creating single orders according to your needs for everyday use, one-off exceptions or for your customers to place their orders online. It enables you to record:

  • single sales from various applications
  • additional sales outside of the club run process

Using Troly to Create an Order

There are multiple ways to create orders in Troly. You can do so when:

  • assisting them at the cellar door
  • browsing on your customer’s profile
  • doing bulk orders or club runs

Your customers can also create orders by:

A single click is required to ask Troly to either Authorise or Charge the credit card associated with orders that have not been processed yet.

With the integrated banking, Troly securely encrypts and processes cards on-demand, with orders being updated automatically and declined payments being followed up on your behalf.

Should you choose so, Troly will dispatch emails or SMS messages to declined card holders allowing them to update their card details and get their order back on track.

On External Sources

You can create a sale from your website, the Point of Sale, the Tasting Experience or the Wine Show and they will all be logged into Troly (e.g. a payment made through PayPal will be shown as “paid offline” in Troly.).

During your club runs, if a member clicks on the 'confirmation' link, an order is created in Troly as well.

On the Customers Profile Page

In any of the Customers tabs, you can create an order by clicking on Create an Order or Create a Shipment buttons on the customer’s profile.

This will not count towards their membership commitment.

On the Customers Profile Page

On the Membership tab, you can create an order by clicking on the Create button in the Scheduled Deliveries section. This will count towards their membership commitment.

Order detail page

Order Header Section

As soon as you click the button to create an order, the reference number appears at the top of the page.

Any warning, error message or required action from your part is also communicated (e.g. the order is awaiting confirmation, you have insufficient stock, the payment is declined, etc.)

The progression of your order is also updated as you go .

Order Content Section

Because there are exceptions...

Any information manually entered in the order will override the default settings that you have saved in your Business Settings page.

If you have recorded any preference in your customer's Membership page, an information message  appears in this section so you can change the case content accordingly.

To add content, you must type the product that you wish to add and select it on the drop down list.

If you pick a composite product, it will appear with the breakdown of the sub-products, their quantity, prices (with retail value) and total.

Reviewing order content updates

The Activity feed records and creates a 'purchases' activity entry type for any changes made to orders, such as products and quantities. Each product added to an order is displayed as a clickable link (link to the corresponding product page).

On a single order page, you can also review the order content updates by clicking the Show order history link.

Payment Details

Your customer's saved payment details appear automatically. They can be overwritten if they wish to use a different payment method for this order only.

Order shipping details

Pick-Up or Shipment

This section also allows you to set your order as a pick-up or shipment if you check or uncheck the "This order will be picked up" option.

You can easily switch the order from pick-up to shipment and vice versa doing the same action.


When the order is set as shipment, the information registered on the customer's Address and Payment tab automatically appear, but can be overridden if necessary.

Company name

A company name field is included in the shipping details to ensure there is a reference as to where to bring the wine. This name doesn't show on the tax invoice as Troly is focused on direct sales, as opposed to commercial sales.

Contact Details

The contact details can be edited to ship to a different address than the one registered on the customers profile.

Delivery Instructions

Allows you to add delivery instructions for this specific order. Permanent delivery instructions must be added in the Customer's Address and Payment tab.

Shipping Carrier

If you have set up multiple carrier in your Troly account and you want the order to be shipped, make sure to select the right carrier in the drop down menu under "Shipping carrier". Read the Multiple Shipping Carrier article for more information.

Carton Size

The default setting is Automatic and always selected the cheaper option, however you can upgrade or amend the carton size according to the specific order.

Signature Required?

You can change the signature requirements for the specific order.

If set to 'Signature Required', this information is not displayed on the shipping labels. It is embedded in the barcode and displayed on the deliverer scanner at the time of delivery. Be sure to check with your carrier for any additional signature fees.

Tracking Numbers

The tracking number is added as soon as the shipment has been labelled and allows you to follow the parcel itinerary for some carriers.

Other options

Discounts and Reward Points

The Discount and Reward Points Button allows you to add a discretionary discount or manually apply rewards points to your order. Any changes made there is immediately reflected on their Membership page.

Further to discounts, please note that any additional discounts that you may have manually applied in the Pack section of your club run is reflected on the member's order as a Membership Standard Adjustment.

Membership Preferences

This field allows you to add any membership preferences specific to that order.

Sales Staff Member

The name of the staff member who's creating the order can be selected. This information is reflected in the Revenue by Staff section of the End of Period report. For reporting and training purposes, we strongly suggest that the staff handling the platform use a separate account as all their actions can be recorded. You can find more information about staff configuration here.

Stock Location

If your Stock Control Add-On is installed, you have the ability to select the location where the stock needs to be deducted from. Otherwise, the Cellar door is selected by default.

Saving Your Changes

As soon as you amend any of the order's details, ensure that your changes are saved by clicking on the Save button.

Your Next Step

Order Pending Confirmation

If you leave the order's page unexpectedly, it's saved in the system for you. You can retrieve under OperationsOrders and use the Awaiting Confirmation filter.

Customer Activity Feed

All processed orders appear in the customer's Activity Feed (in the Activity tab of any customer profile page). Updates made to an order are recorded in the Activity Feed:

  • sign-ups
  • purchases
  • shipments
  • payments and payments pre-authorisation
  • invoices
  • account details/membership changes (ie. delivery address changes)
  • credit card disputes (if you're using one of Troly's online payment gateways)
  • order content updates (product and quantity)
  • delayed membership orders


Please review our dedicated Troubleshooting orders article shall you need assistance with any order issues.

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