Understanding Shipping With Troly Group Shipping Accounts

Updated on June 30, 2020

When using our Group Shipping Accounts, we'll make your life easier by making your daily operations more efficient and taking care of unforeseeable issues so you can focus on your customers and sales. On top of benefiting the best rates available, with our shipping carrier agreements, you can :

  • delegate us any damaged goods claims received
  • configure your own shipping settings
  • override an order’s shipping carrier on the order edit page
  • provide email tracking details to your customers

We currently have shipping agreements with Australia Post and Fastway, and depending on your location, you may prefer one or use both of them for your shipments.

Using Troly's Australia Post shipping account

  • Register to eParcel (we do this for you!) and use it in your Troly account
  • Deliver to PO boxes
  • Automatically calculate the shipping cost for each order
  • Generate ready-to-print labels and generate delivery manifests

I want to use my own Australia Post account

Troly no longer supports using your own account to ship with Australia Post, except for exceptional situations. If you believe this applies to you please contact us to discuss.

Account and Site Inspection set up process

Because setting up an account with Australia Post requires following several specific steps, Troly will engage the process for you, get in touch with Australia Post directly and set up your account.

Your next step (after submitting the form) will simply be to install the Australia Post eParcel (Troly's Shipping Account) Add-On in Troly. Once this is done, you'll be able to start shipping your parcels with Australia Post.

Troly will be in touch with you all along the process to keep you updated on the progress. Once everything is ready, we'll send you all the information you need to be 100% ready.

Please note that the process may take at least 6 weeks depending on Australia Post, we'll make sure to regularly follow up with them.

Using Troly's Fastway shipping account

  • Enable dispatch notifications and automatically generate barcode labels
  • Enable parcel registration and shipment manifests
  • Access the national “LRG” flat rate shipping option.
  • Automatically dispatch pickup details to the local driver via SMS.

I want to use Troly's Fastway (Troly's Shipping Account) account

Yay! To get started, simply install the Fastway Troly's Shipping Account Add-On in Troly. Our dedicated article explains how to set it up.

Claim for goods damaged while in transit

Using Troly's shipping accounts means that we will handle and manage the claims for you. We'll notify you if the carrier reaches out to us directly, and we'll raise the claim with them when you inform us. In both situations, you'll only need to take care of your customer's order (inform about the delay, ship a new parcel, offer a discount, etc.). No need for you to be in touch with the carrier.

Also, Troly will credit the amount for the damaged bottles full retail value plus the order shipping costs almost immediately to your account. All you need to do is to send the information via this form. Please visit our Claim for Goods Damaged while in Transit article for more information.

How will I pay for this service?

  • Creating and setting up your Australia Post account in Troly is free
  • The fees associated to shipping charges will be passed on to you. So when a shipment costs $5, we'll pay the carrier (Australia Post or Fastway) and deduct $5 from your account
  • These labels generations costs will be passed to you with no additional charge
  • You only pay for orders that have been dispatched in Troly
  • The expense will be identified as Community Shipping Fees (combines Australia Post and Fastway Troly's Shipping Account sources) in the ‘Withheld for provider payment’ section of your End of Period reports.
  • Troly is unable to provide "standard costs" for shipping. This price will change with the geographic location of your customer, as well as the size and weight of the package(s). You can simulate the costs via Fastway and AuPost, though. It is unlikely that you would get better rates with your own agreement. However, if you do, simply let us know and we will make sure that your rates are applied. Note that this is up to the carrier to action, and they may not honour rates negotiated over 12 months ago.

Your Next Step

You can use both Troly's shipping accounts. No matter how many carriers you set up in your account, Troly will always pick the cheapest one for you. However, you can pick your preferred shipping carrier going to SettingsBusiness Settings in your account.

For more information about using several carriers in Troly, please read our Understanding multiple shipping carriers article.

Note: you can also select a preferred carrier per individual customer!


Please refer to our dedicated Troubleshooting Shipping Issues article shall you need any help with a label, costing a shipment, or any other type of shipping related issues.

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