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Understanding Product Pricing Stock

Updated on June 14, 2019

The price of your products is a powerful tool to encourage larger orders or repeat purchases through clubs. The Product Pricing & Stock page allows you to set different price points, in particular:

  • bulk purchase discounts offered for purchases over 6 or 12 units
  • discounts that are only available to certain club members
  • which price is used when you create an order

Using Troly to set your price points and discounts

Single Product

In each field of the Pricing & Stock section, enter the price point of a single unit for a standard product, a 6-pack, a case and the clubs that you have configured in the Membership page. The Total ($) column reflects the total price according to the amount of units included per product.

Composite Products

For pre-packed composite products, leave the 6-pack and case fields empty.

The Standard Price

This is the price that will be used if the bottle is purchased on its own, by someone who is not a member of any club.

When you change the standard price, you will be asked whether you would like to recalculate all prices.

If you confirm, prices will be recalculated based on the settings you have on the Business settings page.

Pack and Case Prices

The 6-pack and Case prices are incentives for larger purchases. The discounted price per unit applies as soon as the required amount of units is met in the order. For example, the 6-pack price of $27.00 applies to any purchase that has between 6 and 11 bottles. As such, the total price of 7 bottles is 7 x $27.00 = $189.

Having a value of $0 will use the Standard price.

Business Settings discounts vs Products discounts

Membership discounts can be set for each product from the Pricing & Stock page or from the Business Settings page.

The membership discount automatically applies on an order even if the price set for the 6-pack or case is lower.  Members do not get additional discounts or the price set.

The 6-pack and 12-case bottle prices set on the Business Settings page apply to any 6 or 12 bottles even if their are not the same product.


Your stock will only be visible if you have the Stock Control add-on installed.

Below the price points, you will see a list of all your stock locations, with the recorded stock in each of them. You can review and correct the values here for a single product.

You can set up to 5 different stock locations. Go to the Stock control add-on to add new locations.

Whenever the total stock for a product falls to 0 or below, we will automatically mark it as Out of Stock.

Things to know

Keeping track on tasting stock

If you wish to manage stock levels for individual tastings or wine by the glass sold, and differentiate them, you can create a new products called 'Tasting' or 'Wine by the glass' and manually keep track. 

When a bottle is emptied, create an order and add a discount to charge the company $0.

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