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Understanding Product Information

Updated on July 29, 2020

Products configured correctly allow for accurate reporting as well as endless possibilities for marketing campaigns and sales. The product information page:

  • displays key information in Troly's applications
  • ensures reporting accuracy
  • assist your customers to choose the right products

Using Troly to Create Your Product Profile

The product information page gathers the products attributes and details that are displayed on your Website, in the Tasting Experience and the Wine Show, or that are kept for reporting, shipping, marketing and accounting purposes only.

Product attributes

The attributes allow you to label each product with different categories to identify the wine (or beer) variety, type and region, the bottle characteristics (container and closure types) and possible awards.

These are seen on your website, in the Tasting Experience and Wine Show, to showcase your products and assist your customers in finding exactly what they're after.

Business attributes

Depending on the add-ons that you have configured in Troly, the tags enable your products in the different applications. Without the tag, your product will not show.

  • Visible in POS  → Point of Sale (POS)
  • Visible in Wine ShowWine Show
  • Visible in TastingTasting Experience
  • Visible Online → Website
  • Purchase by Members Only → Website [product is visible to all but only purchasable by identified members]

They also assist you to manage the physical attributes, stock levels and define taxable products.

  • Fits Between Bottles: for packing and shipping purposes, it determines that your product doesn't take an extra slot and can go in between existing items (e.g. t-shirt, key chain, wine pourer).
  • Out of Stock: the tag is automatically activated and displayed as soon as the stock level is down to 0. It can also be activated manually if needed.
  • Tax Exempt: to label tax free products (e.g. water or food).
  • Wine Tax Applicable: the appropriate tax rate for the product is calculated (Australia: WET and America: City/County tax).

Tag Line

If the List View is configured in the Tasting Experience Add-On, you can add a tagline to promote a product and boost your sales (e.g. "The 2016 best seller!", "Your everyday wine"). When your customer browse your product in the Tasting Experience or Wine Show, the tag line appears.


The summary is a WordPress integrated exert where you can add a short description of your products (maximum of 245 words).

Product Details

The product details fields, allow you to elaborate on your product and inform them about its background, flavours and specificities in detail.

The Product description: it appears in the List or Tab views of the Tasting Experience and Wine Show to describe the product. It tells your customers about the product story: was it inspired by someone, when did it start, from what region are the grapes coming from, how was the harvest that year? Take them behind the scenes and tell them what makes this product so unique.

The Tasting Notes : it appears when clicking on the product in the Tasting Experience or Wine Show. It describes the wine acidity, aroma, body, finish, nose and palate to take them into a wine journey. This may bring back great memories to the customers who have experienced your wine and visited your cellar door or even help them identifying the flavours they tasted. This is also your opportunity to entice your customers who haven't had the chance to try your products and order online.

The Additional Details : include additional information specific to the product.

  • The 'Weight (g)' and 'Height (cm)' fields are important technical details used to calculate the freight of a parcel (information unavailable to customers).
  • The 'Units Produced' is for record-keeping purposes only (information unavailable to customers).
  • The 'Bottle On' and 'Available On' are for record-keeping purposes only (information unavailable to customers).
  • The 'Food Match' and 'Cellar Until' are displayed in the Tasting Experience and the Wine Show for your customers to know the perfect food pairing for their wine and the perfect time window to drink it.

Awards, Reviews & Ratings

These appear when clicking on the product in the Tasting Experience or Wine Show and allow you to detail any awards, reviews and ratings (e.g. James Hallyday or regional competitions) received to show the value and prestige to your product.


The category used is determined by your Xero settings for reporting purposes as well as what appears in the end of period report.

Product Token

If the EDM Add-on is installed, it will be used in the (direct mail out) marketing communications and allow your customers to confirm a purchase with a direct link to their account.

Visiting a link with a product token automatically generates an order with the products included in the link.

If the customer who places the order has no payment details provided, the order will be marked as an awaiting confirmation order (draft).

The URL used for the mailouts is in the following format: https://app.troly.io/taste/your-winery-name/confirmation/*|######|*?p=8GHKMYNoD-CVBkzsVud3

[app.troly.io] → direct link to the Tasting Experience

[your-winery-name] → as registered in the 'Company Details' tab of your Settings

[*|######|*?] → token reference pushed in your EDM
[p=8GHKMYNoD-CVBkzsVud3] → unique product identifier available at the bottom of the product page.

Alternatively, you may add the generic link to the Tasting Experience: https://app.troly.io/taste/your-winery-name

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