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Understanding Paying Stage 1 of 5

Updated on September 24, 2019

Troly captures sales from cellar doors, wine shows, club signups, website, POS, etc. and automates the payments, packing, labelling and dispatching steps to save you a tremendous amount of time and efforts. It allows you to:

  • perform those actions in bulk
  • gather all operations in one system to simplify transactions management
  • reconciliation and reporting


This is the first article of five to describe the ordering process through Troly. Please see the following articles:
2. Understanding the Packing Stage
3. Understanding the Labelling Stage
4. Understanding the Shipping Stage
5. Understanding the Dispatched Stage

Using Troly to Pay for an Order

Single and bulk orders payments can be pre-authorised or processed by staff through the Troly webapp, the Point of Sale or paid by customers via the website or Tasting experience.

All orders first need to be confirmed and paid before they can move to the packing, labelling, pick-up/shipping and complete/dispatch statuses.

Confirm a single order

An order must be confirmed before being paid. Confirming the order prevents any further edits to be made.

This can be made as a single action by clicking the Confirm button at the bottom of each order.

Confirm orders in bulk

It can also be done as a bulk action by selecting multiple orders from the Operations Orders page (ensure that the number of selected orders is correct). Click the Bulk Actions button and the Confirm Orders option in the pop-up window, typing CONFIRM (in capital letters) and clicking on the Confirm button.

Disable the confirmation option when processing a Club Run

When doing a club run, the Create Bulk Order feature gives you the possibility to skip this step and process the payment without requesting your customer's confirmation:

Communicate about the confirmation of an order

According to your Communication Settings configuration, customers receive an email notification with when a pick-up or shipment order is confirmed.

Confirmed orders can not be edited

The heading of orders that are confirmed show a warning message to inform you that the order can no longer be edited:

Processing Payments

Payments Processed on Troly Webapp

After confirming orders, payments can be made with a single or a bulk action.

To process single orders, admin staff can go to OperationsOrders or Customers Activity and click on the order number.

On the order page, you can review and amend the content, update the customer’s details, change the order pick up or shipment type if necessary, and click on the Pay button to select the payment method.

To process orders in bulk, admin staff can go to OperationsOrders, select the desired orders (confirm the amount selected is right) and click the Bulk Actions button.

Payment Recorded by Staff on the Point of Sale

When an admin is logged into the application, any staff member can record a sale and process a payment on the Point of Sale (POS). The packing-labelling-shipping-dispatching process can be skipped if there is a direct interaction with the customer. Otherwise, it is recorded in the POS and completed in the Troly webapp.

Online Payments Made by Customers

Customers and members can place their own order online using your website or the Tasting experience. It is then logged in the Troly webapp for you to complete the operations.

Several payment options are available for your customers to pay their order via Troly applications. They can use credit cards (online payments) or EFTPOS, cash, bank transfer and cheque (offline payments).

Order status

No order status will move forward to be packed before a payment has been recorded.

Payment Invoice

An invoice is produced upon payment and automatically sent to your customers.

Finding invoices in your customer's page

As soon as a payment is processed the customer receives an invoice via email. This can also be accessed in the Feed section of their Customer’s Activity page or from the Operations Documents page.

The Activity Description ▼ filter of the Customer’s Activity page can be used to select the customers invoices only.

Finding invoices in the Document Center

The Type▼ filter can be used to select ‘Troly invoices’ only on the Operations Documents page. You may find them in your Document Center.

Invoice Details

The invoice contains the following:

  • your company details (name, email address, delivery address, phone number, ABN)
  • a ‘PAID’ stamp
  • the order details (content description, unit prices and total prices)
  • any discount recorded for this order
  • your customer’s details (name, email address, delivery address, phone number)
  • the invoice date and reference number
  • the payment details (RRN, Authorisation code, payment method)

Note that the Wine Equalisation Tax is not displayed on the invoice but is already included in the total amount.

Your Next Step

Pre-Authorise Orders

If you are doing a club run that is part of a membership commitment, you have the option to pre-authorise the payment to put the funds on hold and ensure the payment will be approved when the card is charged. This is a helpful option if it takes you a few days between the order creation and completion (pick-up/dispatch).

Please note that the orders that have been pre-authorised will be automatically reverted to the 'Confirmed' and 'Awaiting payment' status when the authorisation has expired 5 days after the pre-authorisation took place. The orders will be re-categorised in the Operation page and will be found under the Awaiting payment status filter.

You must Dispatch the order within 5 days in order to capture funds.

You are able to cancel a pre-authorisation on an order if needed. If you need to cancel a pre-authorised order, click Cancel Pre-Authorisation on the order page itself.

Click here to learn more about orders payment pre-authorisation.

Credit Card dispute

If you're using the Standard or Advanced Payments add-ons as an online payment gateway, please refer to this article. If a customer happens to dispute a charge, Troly will record a new entry in your customer's activity feed (under their customer profile page).


Learn more about single and bulk payments with this article. Want to know more about online payment gateways? Click here!

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