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Understanding Orders Refunds And Cancellations

Updated on June 24, 2019

Things don't always go as planned and you may need to refund and cancel orders occasionally. Troly enables you to:

  • cancel orders in bulk
  • refund orders
  • reschedule membership orders

Refunding Orders

Refund a single order

Refunding an order means that the order has been paid for. Troly will not let a refund go through if your customer has not been charged in the first place. If the order has simply been pre-authorised, you will need to cancel the pre-authorisation.

From the order details page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Below the order’s total, click Refund.

After refunding an order, you can update its contents, shipping and billing details as well as payment information.

Refund orders in bulk

From the Operation page, simply select the orders that need to be refunded. Once the selection is done, click the Bulk actions button and select Cancel.

Type CANCEL (all capital letters) as an extra precaution to ensure that you're aware of the action you are performing and confirm. You will be informed when the operation is complete.

Orders that have been paid for already will be refunded and cancelled. Orders that have not been paid for yet will simply be cancelled.

Credit card refunds

The amount will be refunded to the customer if the order was paid by credit card in Troly. When you refund an order, this is effective immediately.

Please be aware that it may take up to 5 business days for the funds to get back to the customer’s bank account (this time frame depends on the bank issuing the payment). If one of your customer is still waiting for a refund and is unsure this was processed, they may directly reach out to their bank that will be able to verify and confirm that the refund is on its way.

Note that a "Declined" error message may appear when processing a refund in Troly. Verify that there is sufficient funds in your account (in Troly) before processing the refund.

Refund on an expired credit card

Credit card companies keep a history of card numbers and funds go on the account, not the card directly. The original authorisation number is used and even if the initial credit card has expired and been updated, the refund is still finalised.

Offline payments refunds

If the order was paid offline (including EFTPOS), no amount will be transferred, even if the customer’s credit card details are on file. The order’s products will be returned to your inventory. You may organise a refund offline by your own means.

Cancelling Orders

Cancel a single order

From the order details page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Below the order’s total, click Cancel. If an order has already been paid, you must refund it before you can cancel it.

Cancel an order before it was confirmed

If you or your customer haven't yet confirmed an order, cancelling it will remove it from your list of active orders. The order will appear in the Awaiting Confirmation list of orders in your Operations page.

No notification will be sent to the customer. However, if they had previously received a link to edit (and confirm) their order (for example during a club run), this link will become inactive. Also, note that no stock movement will be recorded.

Cancel a membership order

Cancelling a membership order does re-trigger the delivery schedule field on the customer’s membership page to be blank making the delivery slot available to allocate an order again.

If the scheduled delivery slot has to be totally skipped, make sure to go to your customer's membership page and click Skip on the corresponding slot.

Cancel a pre-authorised order

Cancelling an order that has been pre-authorised doesn’t mean the order is to be refunded. When you pre-authorise an order, the funds are held on the customer’s credit card but the actual money is still physically located in their account.

Therefore, when cancelling a pre-authorised order, your customer shouldn’t expect a refund. You can double check this visiting the feed activity on your customer profile page in Troly: one entry corresponds to the pre-authorisation of the order, and another line corresponds to the processed payment.

Please note that it may take up to 5 business days for your customer's bank to process this action.

You may cancel the pre-authorisation if you simply want to cancel this specific transaction.

Cancel a shipment order after it was marked as dispatched

This means the order has already been paid for. You need to refund it first, and then cancel it.

If you cancel a shipment that has already been marked as dispatched, the shipping carrier will not be notified of the cancellation. To cancel a pickup appointment, you must contact the carrier directly.

If you use one of Troly's Shipping Accounts for shipping (e.g. Australia Post or Fastway), let us know the order number so we can contact the carrier regarding billing for you.

Cancel orders in bulk

From the Operations page, select all the orders you want to cancel (either with filters or by clicking them one by one). You can cancel orders that have different statuses in the same operation.

Verify that the correct number of orders is displayed, then click on the Bulk actions button.

Select the Cancel option. Type CANCEL (all capital letters) as an extra precaution to ensure that you're aware of the action you are performing and confirm. You will be informed when the operation is complete.

Keep in mind that if orders have already been paid, this action will first automatically refund those orders, and will then cancel them.

Find your Cancelled Orders

You can see all orders that have been cancelled on the list of orders by selecting Cancelled in the status filter.

Fees for Cancelling or Refunding an Order

Credit Cards

If you are using the Troly Standard or Advanced payment add-on, there are fees for refunding or cancelling an order paid or authorised by credit card. The bank charges us every time we send them a request, whether it is a request to process a payment, void an authorisation, or refund an amount.

If you are using a different payment gateway add-on, please refer to your own provider or bank policy.

Offline payments

There are no fees for refunding or cancelling an order paid offline. You will only pay fees for the initial payment you processed, and subsequent payments.


An issue with a payment? Please check our Troubleshooting payment issues article to fix it.

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