Understanding Multiple Shipping Carriers

Updated on July 26, 2019

Troly allows you to configure as many shipping carriers as you like. A minimum of one carrier is required. However, there are many advantages to using more than one, most notably better rates. They are divided into four categories:

For many carriers, we've negotiated a nationwide agreement for you to benefit immediately. However, with some carriers, you may use your own prepaid labels or existing commercial account.

Benefits for configuring a carrier

The connection to a shipping carrier will enable:

  • Seamless calculation of shipping fees incurred (Note: these can also be passed onto your customers if needed. See Carton size and Shipping Fees)
  • Automated generation of a packing summary, and picking and packing slip in two formats (.CSV and .PDF file).
  • Shipping carrier approved labels including customized delivery instructions and, in some cases, tracking barcodes (Note: if you use more than one carrier, different label formats will be generated).
  • Manifests generation and submission (in some cases) as well as pickup request notifications (emails/SMS).


You can get the best shipping rates by enabling several carriers. Troly will always pick the cheapest one for you.

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