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Understanding Ecommerce Website & Club Sales With WordPress

Updated on June 14, 2019

An important step towards eliminating the manual data handling (and possible human errors) between your website, bank and shipping carriers is to connect Troly to your WordPress website.

After configuring your Troly plugin, any order created in WooCommerce will synchronise to Troly. Existing orders are only sent when they are edited.

Using Troly to sync your WordPress website

Once connected, the following are synchronised for you:

  • Products attributes, images and all pricing levels
  • Customers details including addresses, credit card
  • Clubs details and Member signups
  • Orders placed online including discounts and coupon codes

Configuring the Troly plugin

If you are looking to connect your WordPress website with Troly please read the Configuring WordPress Add-on.

Is your website not using WordPress

The functionality described in this article requires a WordPress operated website. If you are interested in connecting another website CMS, as per how we are Working as a Group, we can arrange this if sufficient wineries are interested or of you are prepared to share the development costs. Simply get in touch.

Why Connect Your Website

As a business, it makes sense to maintain your brand and identity. By developing your site with WordPress, you don’t need to worry about the technical mumbo jumbo of coding your website, but instead focus on the content and how it looks.

The Troly plugin for WordPress allows you to take this a step further and fully manage customers, clubs, products and orders in a single place. Further to this online sales are kept on your site, reinforcing the brand you are working hard to build.

The final result is that you can manage all your orders from one place and leverage the Troly power for club management, online banking and shipping, directly from your website.

Troly acts in your website on three separate fronts: Data synchronisation, Payment and Shipping.

Details of the Troly to WordPress connection

Once connected Troly interacts with your website in three (3) different ways:

  1. Data is synchronised automatically to avoid double or manual handling, including customers, product details, orders, etc.
  2. WooCommerce functionality is extended to leverage banking and shipping configurations already configured in Troly.
  3. A few new options and shortcodes are added to facilitate some frequent or more complex tasks.

Changes to your website design and brand

Troly does not make any changes to your website design. The shopping and checkout experience is normally standard with WooCommerce, and your web designer may have branded or otherwise changed some of these behaviours. However Troly will not change any page layout and your web designer or developer is normally best positioned to make further visual changes to your site.

Your Web Developer has left the planet?

Our extensive ability with WooCommerce and WordPress allows our team to We will gladly handle building, customising and also hosting of your site at very competitive rates. This is exclusively offered to Troly members however. See Website work with Troly.

Products, Prices and Discounts

Products details

You can import your products from Troly, or if you already have products on your site you can push the entire list into Troly. Once your products have been synchronised, updates applied into Troly will automatically pushed to the website.

By default, the plugin uses the product images you have uploaded for each product in Troly. Should your web designer require otherwise, instructions are included in Configuring WordPress Add-on.

Configured product prices

The prices users will see on your site are the standard retail prices set for each product in Troly. All transactions will apply this price for each product, however members can log in to access member prices.

This also applies to discounted shipping fees for club membership.

Product bulk discounts

Bulk discounts are applied as per your pricing schedule for each product in Troly. Additionally, membership discounts and business discounts are also applied for you as configured. Read all about product prices here.

Customers data, orders and interactions

Customer information is synchronised between your website and Troly. This includes membership, contact and also shipping details. Payment details can also be securely recorded for club members, and only a partial number will be stored in WooCommerce (last 4 digits).

All customers are able to log in to your site to view previous orders placed or amend their payment and shipping details. They can set their password on checkout or when they fill the club signup form.

Customers can create an account on your site in various places, depending on your site build configuration. Passwords can also be chosen and reset automatically any on-demand via email.

Clubs and memberships descriptions

Your clubs are entirely managed from within Troly. Any changes made to the club description or benefits are shown on your website. Club commitment expectations, shipping schedule all membership preferences are managed by Troly. See Understanding Club Membership Details for more information.

New members can also sign up on your website. To make this easy, the Troly plugin for WordPress includes a sample membership sign up form, available via a shortcode. Simply add the following onto any page.


The form is provided as a starting point and a template can easily be styled by your web developer, as required. We do not currently allow custom forms to hook into the API behind-the-scenes.

Further to the club membership signup form, a second shortcode is provided to allow visitors to receive your newsletter.


It generates a simple signup form to your newsletter that will also record the customer in Troly immediately.

Orders placed online

Visitors are able to place orders without leaving your website. Once confirmed, the order is pushed to Troly for further processing (packing, labelling and dispatching).

Payments processed on your website via third party gateway such as PayPal are synchronised with Troly and marked as “paid offline”.

If you have chosen so, shipping prices are calculated on the fly at the time of checkout, as configured in Troly.

Club Runs in WordPress

At present, one-off sales are processable using the WordPress website. When completing a club run, your customers will be sent to Troly directly using an automatic sign-in link.

This link will not require your customers to know any passwords ahead of time and will not synchronise passwords back to your website.

Many more options for you

WooCommerce and also WordPress are both very powerful and allow for a tremendous flexibility. With this in mind, if you require assistance with configuring your website or customising the shopping experience on your website, please consider reading through the Maintaining your website with WordPress.

Your next step

Another very good way of making your business run smoothly is by recording Cellar Door or Tasting Room sales using a POS system. Further to this, consider the Xero Accounting automation also.

Frequently asked questions

Which emails are be sent from WooCommerce?

Althrough most leave the email work to Troly and disable emails from WordPress, you should know that WooCommerce can send your customers an email when an order is payed for. You can also configure notifications sent to yourself when a new order is placed. On your website, go to Woocommerce Settings → Emails to see what notifications are available and update their contents.

Keep in mind that Troly also sends more detailed notifications to your customers and members (see Understanding which emails are sent), and can also notify you of new orders placed (see Activity Summary).

Is it possible for members to be automatically signed in to my site so they can enjoy their discounts?

For security reasons this is not possible. Modern browsers help in storing usernames and passwords, and WordPress features a self-serve password reset system. Read Maintaining your website with WordPress.

Can I change the look and feel of the various forms on my website after Troly is installed?

Troly doesn’t affect the look and feel of your site other than creating a new template for the club signup form. All other pages (login, product presentation, checkout, etc) are standard WordPress or WooCommerce pages.

If you wanted to change any standard page or form, you may find that there’s a few WordPress plugins able to help (see this Google search). Should you wish to apply more serious modifications, WordPress, WooCommerce and also Troly inside of WordPress are all built using overidable templates (learn more here). However you’ll have to speak to your web developer for this or request a quote from the Troly Web Team at troly.io/websites.

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