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Understanding Customers Membership Details

Updated on January 6, 2021

The customer membership page is crucial to manage your members' benefits and define who they are when it comes to providing products, events, and club runs tailored to their needs. Among other advantages, managing memberships:

  • Ensures a better cash flow
  • Builds a stronger relationship with customers
  • Secures more predictable sales

Membership page and details

Before being able to access customer's membership pages in Troly, you need to install the Membership Add-on and set up your Membership (Clubs) settings. Please use this article to learn how to do so in Troly.

Membership name, description and details

The customer's membership name is displayed at the top of the Club Membership page, along with any Variation, where you can update it, cancel/suspend it or amend the prepayment options. This section also includes the date they joined and provides you the option to re-send their welcome email.

Membership details

This section provides the member's ID (automatically generated), their reward points balance (if any), and the notes manually added to their account. These details ensure the members' preferences are not overlooked when creating bulk orders and require manual review.

Membership number

The membership number is generated automatically for you when a customer joins a club, and it is a simple number. Increasing by 1 with every new member. It is only used for your records and can be manually changed at any time by you. If you do change it manually be careful to ensure it is unique if you are intending to provide it to the customer

Reward points

The rewards points are enabled in the membership page settings according to the dollars spent or units purchased. They are adding up with your member's purchases. You can edit rewards points at any stage.

When an order is created and the rewards points redeemed with the Discount and rewards points button, changes will be immediately reflected on the membership page. The points can be redeemed by you in Troly, customers can not see or redeem their reward points by themselves when placing an order online. However, you may add a note in their customer profile page in Troly, in the Custom Shipment instructions field to let them know by email when sending the “Upcoming Order To Be Shipped” message.

Joint Details

You are able to add a second person on the customer's account to also receive communications. This secondary customer does not automatically get created in Troly as a customer in their own right.

Membership History

The Membership history lists all the membership-related activities and who made the changes. Automated updates made by Troly also appear. The update also records the sign-up source so you will know from where your customers signed up (from your website, the POS, or from the Tasting Experience).

Assign a membership to an existing customer

In order to sign up customers to a specific membership in the Troly webapp, search for the customer name or email address in the search bar. From there, click the Club Membership tab and select the membership from the drop-down menu.

Once you've completed the above, you'll have access to all the membership options for this particular customer. You will also see the Re-Send Welcome Message button available. If you have this template enabled in your Communications section, this will be automatically sent. If you do not, you can click on this button and send the email manually so that your new member will receive the Welcome Email you've configured in your templates.

Membership preferences and Payments notes

These two fields are used to ensure members with special requests and instructions are not overlooked.

If you enter a value in any field, it will prevent the order from being confirmed in bulk with other orders, and will require a manual review and action.

Membership preferences

The membership preferences notes (e.g. the member's wine preferences) ensure the content reflects what the member asked for. No notification is sent to the customer until you have manually confirmed the order. If the membership's preferences state that your member dislikes a specific type of wine, you can replace those products when packing the bundle. This will allow them to enjoy what they receive and entice them to repeat the order. In this case, you are the one editing the order for your customer as you will be prompted to manually review the order (your customer can not see this note on their end, it's only for your own use). Alternatively, your customers may be able to edit their own orders online if you enable the option when creating your bulk order (the Club Run order).

Payments notes

If the payment notes require that you contact them before placing the order (when customers ask to be contacted before a card is charged or to pay by cheque or bank transfer), that may allow them to choose their preferred payment method to ensure the payment is successful or delay the order instead of canceling it. The notes will require each order to be individually paid for.

Scheduled deliveries

Set up your scheduled membership dates

Scheduled membership dates are set up by your Membership settings. The shipment dates are set on a rolling period determined by the member sign-up date or your own club run(s) specific dates.

  • Membership start date: starts from the joining date and split through the year according to the number of deliveries set. The very first order will be using the first membership delivery slot.
  • Specific date: same set dates every year.

You are still able to manually alter the delivery dates for each of your members (on their membership page under their customer profile in Troly).

Use scheduled date slots to create membership orders

You are able to process club runs to create bulk membership orders but you can also complete this task manually if necessary. The scheduled deliveries are automatically calculated according to your club settings but can be overridden in the customer's membership page to accommodate your members.

Clicking on the vertical ellipsis allows you to edit the delivery slot, create a club order, or skip the delivery slot.

If an order has already been created against a delivery slot, the order number will be listed and you will only have the option to edit that delivery slot.

As soon as an order is processed (paid and dispatched), it appears in the list as completed.

Manually change scheduled membership dates

You can review your member's scheduled order details, amend the dates, and add specific notes to every single order if needed. Learn click our Delay or Skip an Order, and Suspend a Membership article to learn more about amending scheduled membership orders manually.

Other options

Welcome members email

By default, an automated email is sent to members when they sign up. However, if you disable the 'New Member Welcome' email (from the Communications page), you can manually click the Re-send Welcome Message button from the customer's membership page.

Reminders and manual review

You can enter delivery-specific membership preferences for each scheduled delivery. Like the Membership preferences, you need to review them manually and no notification will be sent to the customer until you confirm the order. This will allow you to, for example, remember to add a birthday card in this specific shipment, or maybe apply an additional discount to cover the shipping costs as a one-off.

Membership prepayment options

The prepayment button opens a pop-up indicating the number and amount of prepayments that the membership requires if set on the club membership page.

If you click on Charge, it opens an order that allows you to confirm and process the prepayment. Once the prepayments have been paid, the prepayment button disappears from the top of the page and a confirmation message appears in a green box to inform you that the prepayments will be deducted from the future purchases.

From now on, the orders created from the scheduled deliveries on the membership page or from the bulk orders take the prepayments into account and are deducted for each purchase.

If you do not wish to take a prepayment into account (e.g. for a special pack out of the commitment program), you can create an order by clicking on the Create shipment/pickup button(s) at the top of the customer's profile.

Cancel or Suspend a membership

The Cancel Membership button allows you to cancel a membership or suspend a membership for a period of time if the customer needs to skip a club run for a given reason (e.g. moving, holidays, financial, overseas, health, or other.). If the suspension is temporary, a reactivation date can be scheduled in the same window for the membership to be automatically reactivated.

When you cancel a Membership, any pending orders created as part of the Membership are canceled. However, when suspending a Membership  (meaning that you configure a reactivation date), the pending membership orders (created prior to the suspension via a Club Run) that are scheduled to be delivered within this holding period will be canceled, not any that are due to be delivered after the end of the holding period.

If you wish to do a personal follow-up with the customer once the suspension is over, you can set a task reminder under the customer's History tab by clicking on the task icon. If no end date is set, the suspension will be permanent and lead to the cancellation of existing membership orders.

If you wish to skip one membership order as a one-off, you may use the skip option available from the schedule delivery slot.


Please refer to our dedicated Troubleshooting club run issues article if you run into an issue while configuring your Membership settings or if you notice anything inconsistent.

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