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Understanding Customers Addresses And Payment Details

Updated on December 15, 2020

Troly keeps all your customers' details in one place and synchronizes any change made with the customer's whole profile. The addresses and payment page enables you to:

  • easily keep your customers details up to date
  • assign them a specific shipping carrier
  • add delivery instructions provided to the courier

Using Troly to keep updated address and payment details

The details are used for all the customer's shipments and payments, but can also be overridden if updated on the customer's orders.

Addresses and Payment

These sections include the customers shipping and billing details. They are used on the invoices, labels, etc.

Delivery address

To enter the mailing address in the Delivery suburb, postcode, state, and country field type the first three letters of the suburb, wait till the software suggests the address in the correct format and select it in the dropdown. If the address is not saved in the right format, shipping issues could occur.   

Preferred delivery method

When set, the Preferred Delivery Method overrides the one selected in your business settings. If your preferred carrier doesn't ship to your customer or if they have a preference, you can set it in their customer page.

You can also indicate if they need a signature or not by amending the Signature Required section.

Delivery Notes and Instructions

The Delivery Notes and Instructions are copied over in each order to ensure they are not overlooked. When added to a customer's page, the order needs to be confirmed manually.

Delivery notes and instructions are displayed on the shipping label. Also, when you start typing a note in the field, Troly will automatically suggest delivery instructions that you already saved in other customer profile pages. However, you are always able to enter a different delivery instruction (you don't need to use the suggestions from the list). To save the note, simply click anywhere else on the page.

You may enter as many information as possible in this field. However, be aware that if the field contains more than 255 characters, Troly will truncate these instructions to fit on shipping labels. Troly notifies you if this is the case.

On account customers

You may set a customer as an “account customer” if necessary. Simply fill out the ‘Company Name’ field under ‘Addresses and Payment’ and check the ‘Is an account customer’ option.

On account, customers are using an option enabled by our Support Team and are using the Offline Payment feature. Please see here for details.

Billing address

You may click the 'Same as Delivery Address' option if you wish the invoice to show the address recorded for the delivery address (shipping information). Un-check the option to insert a different address used for the billing address only. This will not affect the delivery address, only the invoice information.

You are also able to add additional email addresses that will receive any invoices.  This is normally used for customers who are “companies” or “paying on account” to notify “accounts dept” of the invoice to be paid.

Credit card

The customer's credit card details can be entered by hand from any of the applications or captured with the credit card reader integrated into the POS.

To avoid declined payments, enter the expiry date in the correct format and ensure there is no extra space in the field.

Things to know

Changing future orders OR future and pending orders

Changes made to the Delivery Address will only apply to future orders unless you tell Troly to also amend the pending orders (unpaid orders) associated with the customer. Each time you change a piece of information, Troly will ask you what to do. Select the "Yes, update details on orders currently in progress" option if needed.

Order details override customer information

Even if your customer's details are recorded on their profile, you can always type a different address or payment details on their orders if they temporarily move, offer a gift, etc.

Credit card security

Once entered, your customer's credit card number is immediately encrypted in the platform for security reasons.

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