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Understanding Customers History

Updated on December 18, 2020

Knowing your customers makes the sales process efficient and profitable. The tabs dedicated to each customer in Troly gather essential details that you can review and edit. It also facilitates order management and customer interactions. Troly maximize your customer knowledge by:

  • gathering the customer's details, preferences, and follow-ups in one place.
  • using attributes from your customer's profiles to create your club runs and special events.
  • maintaining the link between the winery, the products, and the customers.

Using Troly to manage your customers information

Once a customer is created in the system with their full name and email address, they are automatically assigned to a profile separated in five different tabs to manage their personal details.

The widget in the top left corner of the customer's profile displays when they became a customer, their delivery address, and allows you to create a pickup or shipment.

Please note that the map will default to their delivery address, if one has been entered.


New entry

At the top of the Recent Activity section, four action buttons allow you to document your interactions with the customer. These notes are recorded in the Recent Activity and can be filtered using the All Activity▼ drop down.

It saves you from navigating between screens to review your customer's history and possibly overlooking important details as it is recorded in one place.

Note that none of the below entries are visible to your customers. They won't see if you added internal notes about a phone call, an email, a visit or a task reminder.


Used to summarise the last phone discussion with your customers. You have an accurate record of what was agreed and of required follow-ups. It is handy when multiple staff members handle clubs and requests.

Note that the phone and mobile numbers are located on the Profile tab under "Delivery Address Details". You can update or add new numbers at any time.


Keeps track of the online communications (e.g. website live chat or emails) and saves you having to go back to browse your inbox or chat history for details. Select Communications in the All Activity drop down to filter the list.

All emails automatically sent by Troly (set in from the Communication page or sent with the Bulk Actions) are listed in the Recent Activity section. If you manually add an email note, it will show here as well using the same icon.

When an email has failed to be sent, the email activity still keeps a record of it, but an "Unsent" error message and an option to resend the email will appear. Click the vertical ellipsis and Resend email to send this email again to a specific customer. 

You can also send SMS to your customers when emails bounce.

Emails Are Case-Sensitive

Emails are case-sensitive in Troly, which means that Troly perceives the "same" email address with lower case and upper case as two distinct addresses.

Some companies allocate email addresses using case-specific rules, meaning [email protected] is not the same as [email protected]. The reason for this varies from company to company.

In our experience, forcing the downcasing of emails causes issues with external EDM providers and emails being bounced.

If you find duplicate customers with capitalisation issues, you need to get in touch with us to merge records together.


Record the face to face interactions when your customers come to the cellar door or attend one of your special events. It allows you to keep a record of their last visit and build a stronger bond with them.

The visits recorded and the date of the last visit are displayed on the Recent Activity page and the top right corner in the POS.


The Tasks icon allows you to set a reminder for any type of topic you need to follow-up on (e.g. call back a customer, process a payment on a specific date, follow-up on the membership commitment when members are back from holidays, let your member know when the new release will be available, etc.).

The task is not only recorded in the activity feed but also appears on the main Dashboard in the Tasks widget to ensure that you don't overlook important follow-ups.

To search a task in Recent Activity, select Reminders in the All Activity drop down.


In addition to the phone calls, emails, visits, and tasks, the feed records any entry relative to sign-ups, purchases, shipments, payments, invoices, account details/membership changes, chargebacks, order content updates (product and quantity) and delayed orders for each customer.

The feed can be filtered using the All Activity▼ drop down to narrow your search.

Things to know

Deleting customers

Customers cannot be deleted due to the financial transactions associated with their account. If they require a past invoice at any stage, you need to be able to track it down and provide it upon request.

That said, Troly allows for the suspension of all communications within the platform. This is currently achieved through deselecting of the 'Subscribed to Newsletter' checkbox on the Account Details page of the customer’s profile.

You are also welcome to remove all contact information from a customer if you are concerned that getting in touch with them may cause issues.

Members update their own details

When sending emails via Troly, add the placeholder  *|profile_link|* to ensure your customers review and update their account details before placing an order.

Alternatively, your members can update their own account by visiting https://app.troly.io/profile and login using the their email and password.

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