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Understanding Customers Account Details

Updated on July 21, 2020

Every customer registered in Troly has an account where they can edit their details, place orders, etc. You can review signup information and manage account configuration from their Account Details to:

  • assist them with their account password
  • unsubscribe them from your mailing list
  • allocate them tags used in your marketing lists segmentation

Using Troly to manage your customers' accounts

You can review their signup details, edit their communication preferences, and add custom tags to describe your customer as you get to know them.

Signup details

You can manually modify the below information from any customer profile pages under the "Account details" tab. If you need to change this information for several customers in bulk, use the Customer Import/Export features.

The sign-up details include the Sign-up date which is automatically recorded when the customer provides/enters their personal details.

The Staff member (if any) will also be recorded. It will display the sales staff who has signed up the new customer.

The location Source: this is where the sign-up was made from (e.g. cellar door, online, events, markets, etc.). To add or update the location manually, start typing the name of the source (at least 3 letters), Troly has already recorded the previous entries you saved in other customer profile pages so you can use the exact same one if you need to. This is case sensitive, so "Cellar Door" will be considered as being different from "cellar door".


Subscribed to newsletter checkbox

This checkbox ensures that your customers and members receive your marketing communications, especially if you use EDMs like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

Unchecking this box means external EDMs unsubscribe the customer from your mailing list. If a customer unsubscribes from one of your marketing emails, it will also be disabled on this page.

Credit card matters and Orders and shipments details checkboxes

These allow enabling/disable notifications in the SettingsCommunications page respectively under 'Payments' and 'Shipments'. These options are checked by default in the templates from the communications page.

Use the toggles for SMS [mobile phone symbol] and E-mail [@ symbol] to identify the customer's preferred communication method[s]

Useful links

The  Useful links button is used when a customer needs information on where to place their order, how to access their account, or update their personal details.

The automated emails can be edited and personalized from the Communications page. Find more information on this topic here.


This section records the customer's preferences to draw their profile using predefined and custom tags that you have created in the Business Settings page. See how to manage your business tags here.

Once set, your tags can be manually added on each customer's page, or imported in bulk via the Customer Import feature.

The tags are used to design your club runs, the content of your special cases, your membership events, or your marketing campaigns as all the information is pushed to your EDM (e.g. Mailchimp) to assist you with your lists segmentation.

Secondary Customer Details

You are able to add a second person on the customer's account to also receive communications. This secondary customer does not automatically get created in Troly as a customer in their own right.

Next step

Now the Account details tab is set up, enter the Addresses and Payments details for your customer. Click here to know more about Customers Addresses And Payment Details.

Things to know

The more information you add about your customers, the easiest it is to create tailored marketing campaigns or events and deals that may interest your customers.

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